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Well, surprise, surprise, surpriseKimberly Guilfoyle displays her genitalia (and other’s) to folks around the office, Melania Trump declares war on Christmas, (and kids), and... well, neither of those stories really merited discussion on Friday’s KITM. Today, the story is the October surprise that can not be a surprise to anyone: Donald and Melania Trump have finally tested positive for Covid-19. (Purportedly). Donald Trump seems to have let his hydroxychloroquine prescription lapse and now he has a case of the Trump virus.

David Waldman is joined by surprise Friday guest Greg Dworkin, and historian/author Ian Reifowitz (Surprise your friends and relatives! Buy them each a copy of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump) to discuss events as they were reported today.

Should Joe Biden, whose caution and wisdom has so far kept him safe, suspend his campaign because Donald Trump is an idiot? Trump wouldn’t have done it for him. When it was just Hope Hicks, the White House wasn’t about to tell anyone. Of course, it was never “just Hope Hicks”. There were a million before her, led by Infector in Chief, Donald Trump. Trump’s Dr. Nick Riviera assures us that Donald will have this thing licked before tee time, but what about the puny weaklings he breathed upon, including jurist in waiting, Amy Barrett?

Amazon says over 19,000 of its workers tested positive for COVID-19, and tells us that’s good news.

The real good news: Barron is still OK. Just in case, however…

You never know, there might still be an election. The one thing we don’t need is Republican tax cuts.

Don’t let all this sweep away the news that Breonna Taylor grand jury only indicted police on wanton endangerment, because that was the only charge submitted to them by the Kentucky Attorney General.

Darwin H.M.@Darwin_Darko on Twitter, reports that the House will vote on a bipartisan bill named after slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén, that is designed to help victims report sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military. Darwin reviews the history of the Vanessa Guillen Murder which gave impetus to the bill.

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