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There’s almost no sanity and intelligence left in the world, yet David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have some to share today.

Donald Trump is a sick, sick man, obviously. But who really knows how sick Trump really is? Dr. Sean “Spin” Conley got in costume and lied all weekend to keep Trump’s Covid from becoming too confident. Even Maggie Haberman noticed a fib or two. Donald was propped up to strongly, relentlessly lie, then followed with a victory lap around the hospital, some say riding on the back of a winged stallion. Republicans whistle through a graveyard of their own making. Things are moving so fast that Mark Meadows isn’t sure if it is time to glad-hand or backstab.

It is tough being an idiot leading a team of idiots. It is harder to cover up sick old politicians’ infirmities, and plenty will be coming along soon even without the help of coronavirusThree Republican Senators in quarantine gives Democrats some interesting new options.

Donald told a thousand people breathing their last breaths today to be as brave as he is, but Trump’s never been as frightened as he is right now looking at Joe Biden’s polling.

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