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A little post-bar mitzvah-anniversary pierogi hangover/internet disruption couldn’t stop David Cobweb Waldman from delivering today’s KITM! Not with Screamin’ Ian Reifowitz set to join him for the opening hour! (Remember to buy The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump... Why not try handing out individual pages in lieu of sugary treats this Halloween?)

Ian’s here to talk marginal tax rates, civic nationalism, and how investing in each other’s well being is the right thing to do, strategically, morally, and patriotically. Bothsidesism is no doubt tempting for cowards, but actually bad for everyone.

Nancy Pelosi and Jamie Raskin introduced a bill today to form a commission to rule on the president's fitness for office. Donald Trump isn’t fit for anything. No one has been making that point better than Donald Trump. A little R&R — Regeneron and Remesdivir (Remesdivir — brought to you by Legal Abortion™), a syringe or two of steroids, etc., and Trump feels OH SO ready to take on the world, one indictment at a time. Trump’s cabinet is beginning to betray his reign, however. William Barr had to explain to Donald that the Durham report probably won’t arrive before the election. Who knows, maybe it was held up in the mail. Fox is no help anymore... 

Will no one rid Trump of these meddlesome Democrats? Why yes, there is a line forming to do just that.

A Russian was tied to the Parnas-Furman-Giuliani Ukraine “straw donor” scheme.

Doug Ducey tried court packing in Arizona. Chuck Grassley and Tom Cotton tried court siphoning during the Obama administration. 

Dozens of serial killers escaped from their celebration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and are now fanning across the United States, and they might never be identified.

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