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David Waldman presents another Kagro in the Morning, with only 7 more to go before the election!

Greg Dworkin reminds us to wear a mask. Also, get out and vote while you still can. In the past couple of weeks about 10,000 families lost a loved one to COVID-19. All of them probably wish they could have received some of that miracle cure Donald Trump promised to hand out… probably even Melania. If only the dead and dying could just make up their minds on what cure they want! Donald is bored, and moves on.

Trump wants more rallies, maybe 5 a day, to remind those stupid saps of how much he hates seeing them. Ralliers undoubtedly feel the same way. After all, it isn’t love that brings them together, you know.

Pennsylvanians love Joe Biden like Joe Biden loves Pennsylvania.

2020 is no time for roundtable punditry to discuss political theater, because Donald Trump has killed presidential showbiz forever. Trump did make a pitch for Bob Hope fans, now that he’s losing in the 100 and under demographic. (Bob wouldn’t have voted for him either.)

Red state farmers come for the money... actually red county farmers are getting the money.

Millions upon millions already have voted, and Donald is losing bad where he won a little, which is not good… for him. Who knows what it will take to beat Trump, but even more of this would be really nice.

USA Today endorses Joe Biden, but also denounces Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China, because that makes him smart. Mark Meadows forgot who’s president.

Louis DeJoy is attempting to keep Post Office shenanigans under wrap until the election.

Even the Proud Boys couldn’t be stupid enough to send email threats, could they?

Rudy’s been caught toobin’.

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