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After dispensing with the formalities of Groundhog Day references, it was time to take note of today’s social media buzz around AOC’s description of her experiences during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Speaking of the insurrection, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s days on her assigned committees are numbered, and the number remaining shall be three.

We’re a week out from the substantive start of Trump’s second impeachment trial, and there’s still some concern over how the new majority will want to handle it, though we don’t know why, because the answer is obvious. Equally confusing, though, are the Republican counter-strategies. (If that is indeed what they are.) Trump’s insistence on arguing flatly that he won the election, though, is at odds with… well, everything. Not to mention how extraordinarily uncomfortable it should make even the most shameless Republicans.

And speaking of being at odds with everything, we’re now learning that the Wisconsin “pharmacist” who sabotaged 500 doses of COVID vaccine is also a flat-earther, and probably just inches away from believing in Jewish Space Lasers.

Republican election stealer exhibits an unsurprising Gimmetarian™ streak. South Carolina Republicans censure Rep. Tom Rice for supporting impeachment.

Joan McCarter caps off the day with her take on the (almost normal-ish) Capitol Hill scene. Reconciliation is rolling along, clearing a path for sweeping aside Republican deficit peacock posturing, and clearing the path to Doing Big Things.

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