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The Mighty KITM Worldwide Multiplex has battery backup! Nothing can stop us now! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are charged up and ready to go:

If only John Boehner Republicans were in charge there would be no immigration concerns, mass shootings or racism. If George W. Bush was in charge the world would be a progressive utopia. Ah, but Republicans had that former guy come in and ruin it all, aka “William of Normandy”. MT Greene hopes to create a caucus to reestablish pre-Battle-of-Hastings values to US government.

Active duty law enforcement are training Oath Keepers, so why isn’t everyone running from the cops anymore? On the other hand, Capitol rioters, sovereign citizens there on 1/6 to make citizen arrests and executions, are now telling judges they were but only citizen journalists. Employees of One America News know that the one thing they aren’t, are journalists. They aren’t Nazis either, as they were just “following orders”.  By the way, their orders were to help overthrow the United States and install Donald Trump. Junior hoped to be installed at OANN someday. 

President Biden should establish a Kerner Commission to address the riots. Nazis can be handled separately. Jonathan Turley doesn’t understand why there were no Nuremberg trials for the Allies.

The Department of Justice is investigating Kash Patel’s security breaches while he and Devin Nunes tried to make the Deep State a thing. 

Today is the day everyone over 16 is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine shot. Vaccines are humankind’s greatest invention, other than possibly that mars helicopter. (I, for one, welcome the vaccine, and our robot overlords.)

How are you handling the pandemic? Most fears are irrational, but they do keep us out of trouble. And, things keep changing. Yesterday’s prudent caution is tomorrow’s performative hygiene. Disease doesn’t only come for sinners… although some people are kind of plainly asking for it. All of us are so lucky that mRNA vaccines worked so well. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine might become a vaccine issued only to those with johnsons.

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