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Happy 5th of July!  Today is the day we observe Independence Day, and can you guess what David Waldman is doing today? Observing the holiday! The former guy is off crying somewhere so there is nothing between us and our hammocks, barbecues, and humming of patriotic marches. Instead of a live show, why not listen to a KITM from the dark years, Monday July 6, 2020:

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us complex answers to complex questions. That is, after all why we tune in to them for a couple of hours. (Actually, 1:58:45.)

Donald Trump is pretty simpleHe’s a racist, he’s going to appeal to racists. You would think that there would not be enough racists to make that work. You would hope soFear and resentment has been a solid strategy for Trump, but probably not this time... Probably not. That is partly because  coronavirus is skyrocketing right where Trump’s supporters live, which is no coincidence. The pandemic is hitting Donald right in his big beautiful electoral map. COVID-19 has chased the Republicans from Charlotte to Jacksonville to rout them out again.

We don’t have all of the dumb people in the world, it just seems that way. Understanding why COVID cases increase as deaths are decrease is as simple as understanding Simpson’s Paradoxregression to the mean, and conversely, regression to the tail. It also helps to understand the difference between equality and equity in contact tracing protocols. Listen, just follow the expert advicewhenever you can find some.

239 experts in 32 countries believe that the coronavirus is airborne, which might affect a lot of future expert advice.

Things sometimes become more complex, the closer you look at them. Are Military bands worth our tax dollars? After much deliberation, David determines that... yeahprobably!

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