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Wednesday felt like Saturday. Thursday felt like Friday. David Waldman assures us, Today is what you make it. (It’s Friday.)

Ted Cruz gave us his guarantee a year ago. Today, he is guaranteed to be 100% Ted Cruz. Joe Biden promised Republicans were going to shape up when Donald Trump left. The problem is, Donald Trump never left and never will.

Constitutional sheriffs and sovereign citizens deserve each other and should move to Gimmetaria together. A Michigan sheriff following the wisdom of Mr. Pillow, Mike Lindell, has taxpayers paying for an investigation into a Trump county whose entire population is less than half of Biden’s state margin. A reporter tried to plumb the depths of Trump supporters’ gullibility and stupidity, and discovered there is no bottom. It is hilarious, even as we die laughing.

Michael Cohen believes Jared Kushner will be hiding a bit deeper in Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket once word gets out that he flipped on Trump.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discovered that the FBI’s “supplemental investigation” on Brett Kavanaugh was as interested in collecting tips on Brett as the National Enquirer was interested in collecting tips on Donald Trump. In fact, both sets of data and all the cheeseberders seemed to go through Donald in this time period. Oh well, what can be done now? Joan McCarter has a few ideas.

Armando knows that once we agree on the Constitution, the rest is easy. A Democratic bill would only allow elected House members to serve as speaker. House Republicans want Kevin McCarthy to throw out Nancy Pelosi. How long can this go on?

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