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It’s the KITM 10th Anniversary Show! Original KITM host David Waldman makes an appearance, along with his long-time guest, Greg Dworkin.

Just think, 10 years ago we were at the half-way point in our occupation of Afghanistan —  in retrospect an excellent time to begin planning our exit. As it turns out, just about everyone else’s preparations had been underway for a while in anticipation.

The Trump Bug Out had to happen, well before Trump, and Joe Biden was the guy to make it happen. The media rolling with the story fitting the most stock footage on hand was as predictable as them Googling where they were to stop their buck today. The people who were getting away with it are taking advantage of this moment to get away with it again. The first victims will be the future victims, as always.

As a result, Joe Biden’s approval numbers drop to… higher than Trump’s were anyhow.

In about a minute, Afghanistan will be moved far behind the furthest back burner once more as we address... (checks notes) …mask mandates! Non-morons remain in favor of them, btw. Has anyone tried slut-shaming the non-masked? It can’t be worse than what Republicans are trying. Everyone needs masks, vaccinated or not, as vaccines aren’t the shield they used to be. Greg Abbott is one of fifty governors vaccinated, and he’s got “it” again, right after a maskless Republican fundraiser. The asymptomatic Gov loaded up on Regeneron, the Republican go-to for avoiding embarrassing death in front of Democrats. The painful, expensive, inadequate, ineffective, unavailable, but not Democratic, alternative to vaccination.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Fraudit is to be delivered to the state Senate next Monday, hopefully containing enough evidence to put each of the counters away for a long time. Lunatic coup planner Jeffrey Clark should be impeached, indicted, incarcerated, and denied parole

Back in the real world, House Democrats are introducing a voting rights bill named for John Lewis. Nancy Pelosi plans to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the budget plan at the same time, or thereabouts.

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