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Kagro in the Morning is recorded before a live audience. Well, I’m not sure about today. No Diet Coke pops, microwave pings, or gas range sparks to be heard on today’s broadcast, but David Waldman sounds pretty healthy.

QAnon does have a hard time finding living people who don’t think they’re idiots, so many spent the day at Dealey Plaza searching for dead Kennedys and ended up at a Rolling Stones concert. Those are the kind of people running for office nowadays. At least 10 GQP who were at the Jan. 6 insurrection were just elected to office. More will be coming in 2022, although a few, such as “too blond for jail” Jenna Ryan, need to spend a few days in jail before establishing their PACs.

DURR! Ed Durr, Republican truck driver, deep thinker, represents those people taking over the countryMississippi Governor Tate Reeves won’t let this new generation out-imbecile him without a fight, and will sue President Joe Biden over one of his vaccine mandates. (Guess which one.) Ron DeSantis is assembling his new election crimes police force as a brilliant countermove to Roger Stone’s ambitions. Ron’s suppression of university professors has turned out to be less brilliant.

A Texas radio host bilked elderly listeners out of millions of dollars, and will be sentenced to 3 life prison terms… at 80 years old… most of his victims dead… most of the money spent. A cautionary tale that Donald Trump is certainly taking to heart. Trump will be in his 90’s before justice reaches him. A federal judge said she’d rule "expeditiously" on whether Donald can keep his records from the January 6 committee. If Donald Trump truly believed he had “Executive Privilege” he’d have had the Air Force drone strike a few places by now

Virginia Democrats did all the right things for voter’s rights, and this is the thanks they get? Hey now! You can’t say that trash about Loudoun Democrats! If Loudoun county were a state, you can bet they’d have a way different governor right now. Not everybody can be the smartest people, you know.

The Bolivian president, Luis Arce, at the UN Climate Change Conference, said the solution to the climate crisis is to change the model of civilization and move towards an alternative model to capitalism, the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth. Oh well.

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