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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin retire fellow Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo brother Jacob Chansley’s horns. We’ll miss that idiot on bowling nights.

Plenty of other crazy idiots that we’re eager to miss: Matt Gaetz just might adopt Kyle Rittenhouse. (Nestor writes “Kevlar” down on his Christmas wish list.) Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Showis chock full of idiocy. For instance, there’s the tale of swashbuckling Sidney Powell, seeking permission to rescue CIA Director Gina Haspel from imaginary German pirates. Small idiot fish in a big idiot pond Tina Peters hit the big time with an FBI raid in her election data breach investigation. Many of these idiots will soon share bunks with Jacob Chansley. Or, maybe they’ll be heroes, demigods of the future Republican empire.  

Not an idiot: If you know “I’m Just a Bill”, you know Dave Frishberg. Frishberg was about a lot more than just that one song, so you actually probably know him a lot more also.

Joe just vaccinated 2.6 million kids in 10 days. Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Mancino, under direct orders from Oklahoma’s Governor, will no longer sit back and allow the Biden administration to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. Iowa’s Governor however is happy to take COVID funds and make it rain for office staff.

Meanwhile, Germany is being hit with another big COVID surge, and disease control scientists are tired of arguing with politicians about what to do.

Back here, voters are bored with Democrats and just might see what the Republicans are up to again. Maybe Dems should get off their niche identity politics, like infrastructure and onto old, white, male, Christian, identity politics, like gasoline prices. Or, perhaps federal grants for guillotines.

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