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Monday means a weekend round-up from Greg Dworkin, and these days, that means equal parts politics and pandemic.

On the politics: “kitchen table” economics, or “values?” Why not both? Will it work? As we always caution you, wait and see.

Is Biden just plain getting worse coverage? It might depend on who you ask.

The Jan. 6 committee continues to charge ahead, despite the best (read: worst) efforts of the Pentagon and the DoD IG. It seems they were going with the old “executive summary” trick, again.

Bob Dole will likely get the funeral Donald Trump never should.

On the pandemic, the picture on Omicron is beginning to come through. In the meantime, the picture on masks is pretty clear. Not that Missouri wants you to see it. Vaccine shenanigans continue, despite evidence that they—and mandates—actually work. Why won’t this sink in?

We continue to keep one eye out for democracy’s point of no return.

There is, in fact, a thing that is too dumb even for Donald Trump.

A whole weekend of improbable developments for the (latest) Michigan school shooter & family.

A whole weekend of discussion on a probable, but inadvisable, event for Ron DeSantis.

And, because it is always irresponsible not to speculate, here’s a story that could be (or turn into) the slickest new campaign finance scam on the market today. Or not!

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