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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 29, 2016

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Today, David Waldman poses the question “How much time do you want to spend on Hitler’s mustache?” Normally, the answer to that would cost you a lot of money up front, but with KITM you can pay in installments! Please consider donating to our PayPal or Patreon accounts !

Greg Dworkin comes to broker peace between Democrats. Don’t lose your friends! Start planning your Trump concession speech parties you’ll have together. Think of how to fight the madness after the convention, up to the election. The Gop is owned by Trump, but the Gop doesn’t own millennials. Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before the convention if he's losing. “Normal America” Is not a small town of white people.

Greg is right, Gravis Marketing is a very bad polling organization.

Armando again demonstrates he can pursue political discourse and maintain safe highway speeds. He and David discuss the next steps of the Bernie Sanders revolution, the positive aspects of small political parties as advocacy engines, and how we can all can get to November together. 

At least 6 people have been shot by toddlers since Thursday — at least.

George Mason University gets another chance to name their school Lawy McLawface.