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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 30, 2022

It’s Tuesday, known as Joan McCarter Day here on KITM, as that is the day Joan McCarter is usually available to talk with us. Who would miss a chance to talk with Joan McCarter? Certainly not David Waldman, and he did not.

Hear ye! FPOTUS requires us to hold a new election NOW! (Thursday’s also good for him) QAnon has taken over Truth Social, where Donald Trump is almost as big as JFK jr. and probably twice as talkative. Donald’s back to stoking the mob, who are ecstatic, bloodthirsty and ready to get back to mobbing asap. Trump promises to unleash locker room talk about everybody’s momma if provoked. It will be a nice day when they throw Donald out of Truth Social.

Trump is not in a hurry to go to jail and is packing a legal “clod” of the trusty-est attorneys to ever be found on TV or the sides of busses in his neighborhood. The National Archives are almost like a library; therefore, the stolen documents are almost like overdue, top-secret books. The lawyer who came up with that idea deserves to be incarcerated last.

Trump’s hand-picked judge is putting in a lot of effort to help Donald, probably because she knows no amount of effort can save him.

Mitch McConnell is not impressed with his misfit midterm candidates but is stuck fundraising for the lowest in the bargain bin. Kevin McCarthy has slightly better chances but even loonier candidates. Both should be thankful they don’t have Doug Mastriano.

Tony Ornato, name dropped throughout the January 6 hearings, is retiring.

An attractive young woman shows up at Mar-a-lago claiming to be an heiress, Donald isn’t turning that down. Especially when she says her name is Rothschild. His dad used to talk about them all the time.