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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 8, 2022

Look at the Democratic party being the Good Guys! Coming together and doing good things for climate, health, and the economy exactly like good stewards of our public should. I don’t do nuance. For that you need David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and what we like to call KITM.

The Senate parliamentarian gave the green light to the Inflation Reduction Act this weekend. Earlier she gave the bill a red light, and no one likes red lights, but you know, she doesn’t make the rules, so don’t hate the parliamentarian, hate routinization of the legislative filibuster. Here, let’s have David explain.

The Inflation Reduction Act is nice, and gas is coming down, then there’s the PACT act, and capping insulin, etc... How can Liberals lose when they do all the nice stuff? Perhaps because some people aren’t impressed when nice things happen to other people. Those people could be swayed by reminding them of all the bad things conservatives are planning to happen to them. If voters can keep both in mind there will be a blue wave.

Michigan's attorney general is requesting a special prosecutor to investigate her Trump-backed opponent who conspired to break into voting equipment.

Is Alex Jones real? If so, his present and forthcoming legal predicaments might presage what courts should expect from Donald Trump’s visits, where whatever one says, or says they believe, just won’t cut it in court.

Another book by people who could have told us earlier when it mattered is coming out featuring a resignation letter by General Mark Milley, which of course could have been submitted earlier when it mattered. Donald Trump wished he had generals as loyal as Hitler’s were. Nazis kept their secrets a bit more carefully than Donald Trump, who has that problem remembering to flush that you just knew he’d have.

The FBI sent 4,500 tips about Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assaults to the White House to check out, because that’s how it’s usually done.

Utah-based Lions Not Sheep tags their merchandise “Made in the USA”, and maybe the tags are made here, but the merchandise is not.