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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 16, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 17, 2015 episode!

David Waldman’s Kagro in the Morning 1/2 off Back-to-School Special!

What’s up with Salon, anyway?

Greg Dworkin, perhaps sensing the oncoming streaming crash on today’s show, calls in early to discuss his round up of topics: Donald Trump will be the nominee if GOP voters decide he’s electable.

Or - Donald Trump will be like Biden and Gore?

Xenophobia is on the ticket.

Birthers would like 4 candidates off the ticket.

How can a contender be regarded as the most interesting man on the political landscape instead of just another vote-grabbing chump?

David discusses and examines the first Black Lives Matter amendment.

Kentucky Governor trolls Virginia.

John Lott poses as women on chat rooms and articles, gets caught twice, keeps his job at Fox.

Misunderstood Icons, George Zimmerman and the Confederate Flag, join forces.

Also, Buzzfeed and Humanoids! All on the complete podcast - listen here if you think you missed any on the live show!