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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 26, 2015

CPAC is "in town," by which we mean not in town. They're at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, which is not made up and is not in Washington, DC. But they are up to all their old tricks, like accusing reporters of Photoshopping anything that might be embarrassing. Aaron Schock is in hot water again, and it's not even tea time. Armando chimes in with yet another great point on King v. Burwell: conservatives now are basically complaining that Obamacare lets states make too many decisions. Nevada nutbar Michele Fiore says baking soda cures cancer. Is it because she'd like her home health care company to be able to administer such a treatment? Prison privateers have a new way to plunder from prisoners: video visitation. Gun laws and the new nullification craze. Yet another BillO lie exposed. Gop primary voters hate the Constitution. Bioethicist asks why gun issues are taboo on the campaign trail.