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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 11, 2022

Oh no, it’s Monday againDavid Waldman and Greg Dworkin will help us get through it, like they always do, with political insight, tips on how to freeze your brain, freeze your Mac, and discover the wildest Rumspringa break destinations!

Meanwhile, in the UK, with Boris Johnson gone, or whatever he is, everyone is freer to say what a dolt Boris was from the get-go. The horse race is off, with a lot of horses running in a lot of directions.

The midterm elections here may not be a sweep for Republicans if literally anyone else has a say in them. The general public is finding fewer reasons to like Republicans, and the GQP is finding less reason to like the general public. Still, seditionists like seditionists, and liars like liars, so maybe there’s no logic or sense that can sway a base devoted to fascist lunatics. Or this could be the year conservatives look in the mirror and reject the pathetic cowards and sycophants in their midst. Nah, probably not. They now have a post-legal Supreme Court, which evangelicals prayed into, and now pray with. Brett Kavanaugh can enumerate rights you could never imagine in between courses at Morton’s.

On the other hand, Democrats can have all the successes in the world and still worry  that they made the wrong choice. Hopefully they will also remember all that they lost so far, all the way to November.

Pass the Cipollone! The January 6 Committee is still set for Tuesday, but now Thursday’s hearing has been postponed. We’ll still hear more about bombs, death lists, and why Donald Trump should never be allowed near the White House again. Donald said he’d waive executive privilege (although he’s not president, in fact was was barely ever an “executive”, and he never invoked that privilege in the first place) for Steven KG Bannon. So, uhm, “Let's go Bannon”? No, of course not. Steve lies like a Trump, and whatever Bannon’s pulling won’t help anyone, least of all him.