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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 21, 2022

You see, there’s different kinds of “live”: there’s sort of live, mostly live, and all live. This KITM here, it’s only sort of live, and only an hour long... David Waldman is ALL LIVE tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy this demiKITM with just a twist of live, pulled to perfection.

A bad country with guns can only be stopped with a cosplay army with guns. It says it right in the ConstitutionRep Jamie Raskin, D-MD ruined everything by actually reading the document to the people who believe the difference between the good guy and a bad guy is who draws firstAndy Biggs, R-AZ sees Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg as the real insurrectionist who interrupted him with facts and logic.

Peter Navarro’s aide Garrett Ziegler points out that the January 6 Committee are anti-white racist Bolshevists, and that women testifying are anti-Christian whores, in case you were wondering who would vote for GQP nominated candidates in MarylandDan Cox has the support of Qanon, Donald Trump and Dems with money who would like to see a true lunatic on the R ticket. Michael Peroutka nabbed the nomination for Attorney General but is still pretty sore about how the Civil War turned out. Jefferson Davis would consider Michael to be a little “out there”.