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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 26, 2022

David Waldman returns to the airwaves for a Tuesday KITM! He pretty much had to; David isn’t going to let down all of us tuning in, including recent donors, “Stephen Miller” and “William Barr”, who help keep him in his Persian tea habit… Okay, that sums up the first half hour of the show.

The other three half hours were devoted to the legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act of 1887, led by Susan Collins and Joe Manchin. Those jamoches are reason enough to suspect that bill, or at least its bipartisan bona fides. However, times being what they are, with Donald Trump plotting to blow up the Constitution, and United States democracy set for demolition whoever runs, we need whatever help we can get.

Is it possible for this bill to make things even worse than a second Trump term? Uhm, no, although it does pay to get things right. Marc Elias and Norm Eisen have concerns and suggestions. Mark Warner, on the committee writing the legislation, believes they’ve done a fine job.

While we’re fixing things, how about we lose state senates and trade them out for 50 majority-rule unicameral state legislatures?