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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 27, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin don’t know how to pace themselves in packing news and info into a KITM. You still got tomorrow guys!

20 Republicans voted against support for human trafficking victims. Only 8 house Republicans voted to protect contraception access, which over three-fourths of their party supports.

Republican rifts! Mike Pence may never become president of the “Hang Mike Pence” party, but he certainly won the nomination (and of course is waiting until his book comes out to talk about it.) 

Mike also schisms over Matt Gaetz, who is not a thumb, and would never traffic underage girls and Venmo their abortions if they do not meet his physical standards. Matt sees no need to support human trafficking victims but did raise over $200 thousand in support of abortion rights for Greg Abbott’s arch enemy, Olivia Julianna.

Botox, silicone, and saline might be what puts a smile on Christina Pushaw’s face, but what really gets her going is that rush of hitting the Twitter send button.

Those who call Republicans the “Party of No” haven’t tried pitching sedition lately. They’ll eat that stuff up. Doug Mastriano kind of thought some stuff was illegal, but look at him now, almost Governor. Crime might not pay for Jeffrey Clark, even though it once had him on retainer.

John Roberts is no Salmon P. Chase, and never will be now that Brett Kavanaugh pantsed him. Time for term limits.

OAN RIP ASAP. Yay! California continues to lead in controlling guns.

President Joe Biden’s recent victories will soon be followed by more big wins in Congress. Will that be enough for those who enough is never good enough? Probably not enough to keep interminable loser Republicans from winning. Trumpist candidates will never debate again but will now sue their way through elections.