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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 27, 2022

David Waldman put in a request for a House committee hearing earlier this morning and got results within hours. So, David put a call out for Greg Dworkin which was immediately heeded! No moss gathering on this KITM.

Republicans are the dog that caught the car — nah, they’re more of an alligator, dragging women’s rights under the mangrove roots. The Democratic Party watched them approach for years, and still never knew what hit them. Everyone from Susan Collins to Joe Manchin are now shocked about being blindsided by the very thing everybody told them was coming.

Now that the Supreme Court’s and Republican’s reputations are shot, what will they do? Absolutely everything they can get away with, as fast as they can, of course. Americans oppose what the Court is doing, and know that Republicans are planning more, therefore Republicans are the ones all in a hurry to make it all happen.

While Democrats… well, let’s not be too hasty, shall we?

Republicans warn that soon lawless gangs of anti-democratic, anti-constitutional pussy-hat wearing rioters will be looting stores and raping… (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Oh no! One of them shot Rudy!

Meanwhile, back to January 6, and bringing justice to this thing… and the thing that caused it. Ron Johnson, Mo BrooksKenneth Chesebro, and many more have a lot to explain.