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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 10, 2023

We’ve been busy since Tuesday parsing the polls and combing over the data, but now it’s time to groove on the vibes of the election. And basically, it’s this: Everybody is sick of these wackadoodle idiots. (So sick, in fact, that even where there are elected seats all but reserved for Republicans, they still can’t win them.)

The wackadoodle idiots, of course, have learned nothing whatsoever, though their consultants think they have. But those guys are just egghead coastal elites! So, let’s stay crazy!

Speaking of staying crazy, it takes a special kind of crazy to buy into Lady MAGA World. And yes, some of these ladies do have that special kind of crazy.

In other news, there are more 14th Amendment cases underway, challenging Trump’s ability to appear on the ballot. It’s not just Colorado. It’s also Michigan and Minnesota, for instance.

Speaking of Michigan, frequent contributor Rosalyn MacGregor is back with the latest foibles of the state Gop. And new contributor Seth Chipman joined in to share the latest foibles of the California wing of the “constitutional sheriff” wackadoodles, with cameos from Jeff Sessions and John Eastman!