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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 7, 2022

It’s usually your lousy 5G, but today KITM World Headquarters was unable to speak to any masses due to power outages in our World Broadcast Headquarters and Halls of Justiceway out west. Cap’n David Waldman stayed the course, however, and above is the link to the parts you missed!

Greg Dworkin called in with the very latest out of the United Kingdom and Massachusetts. Maura Healey is on track to be the first woman as Governor of the “Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem” State. Abortion rights and broke Republicans are boosting Democratic chances here, there and everywhere.

Republicans are in disarray, but if you were them, you wouldn’t want to hang out with them either. Senator Richard Burr had his phone yoinked by the Justice Department. Couy Griffin managed to be the first public official since the Civil War to be banned from office by the 14th amendment. It’s been since 1910 that the motion to vacate the chair rule was used, but the loonies are itching to use it on Kevin McCarthy. Blake Masters will have to hide every word he’s uttered to get elected.

BOOM! In a nutshell, Donald Trump stole nuclear secrets and stashed at least some of them at Mar-a-Lago, where he then invited the very last people anyone would ever think of allowing around nuclear secrets. No biggie for Donald, the United States might be less secure now, but FPOTUS remains safe as always.

Even the lowest bushwacking outlaw understands the importance of finding the right judge, and Donald Trump has had his eye on Judge Aileen Cannon for quite a while. The two questions asked at Cannon’s confirmation hearing might not have been the vetting required. So, now the questions are being asked, perhaps a little late, maybe a lot late, but possibly not too late.