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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 9, 2022

Let’s start with something I have no grounding in, whatsoever! The death of the Queen of England, and “what it really means!”

The DOJ has filed again in the Perv-A-Lago documents espionage case. We do a little reading and commentary on the analysis of the government’s position. And on the judge in the case, too.

Remember the pandemic? It was kind of a big deal. And if you treat it as a joke, eventually you’ll find that the joke is on you.


A Republican House will be a disaster. A MAGA Republican House will be (at least) twice the disaster. Gop vows of “revenge” for Democratic oversight are not only misplaced because there’s no equivalency between what and how Dems probed, and what they’re planning. Some of us are old enough to remember when even talk of an equivalent reaction caused the political press to get the vapors, calling it “tit-for-tat,” and presumptively invalid on its face.

Friday radicalism: nullifying Dobbs.