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Yay, David Waldman makes it to the weekend—and you reading this, yay, you made it too!

The Trump virus is now the Pence Pandemic. Look forward to shortages of everything but incompetence and idiots, for which this administration seems perfectly geared to support. Quarantines could make everything worse. Of course, we don’t have anywhere to put people anyhow. Then there’s the economy...

But look on the bright side! Wow, is there a bright side? Well, it turns out there was no fraud in Bolivia's elections last October... Of course, that’s a bit late for their democracy, and for president Evo Morales, who was overthrown.

Donald Trump continues to dismantle our democracy before our elections. The US Justice Department helps Joe Arpaio try to erase his contempt verdict. We might still get an election, for what that’s worth. Are the Democrats still the party of norms, rules, and process? Will they continue to be that party? How do we keep it that way?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin don their hazmat suits to deliver a totally virus-free KITM:

Have you caught the Trump Flu yet? Oh, you probably will, but that’s not the big problem. At least compared to the number of us who will catch it and how well we all will be able to respond to that number. And that does look pretty bad.

With the election nearing, Donald Trump finally found a boat anchor in Mike Pence’s size.  Trump assures us —  which isn’t that reassuring —  by stating that all is well and until it’s Mike’s fault it was Nancy’s, along with several other of his best words, as if anyone still cared. 

After all, why should Trump care?  The virus is bound to spread first in heavily populated, low income urban areas with Democratic mayors that are pretty much Flint to Donald, in fact they are practically Puerto Rico. Anyhow, Trump fired the people who could handle a pandemic last year, because after all, we didn’t have a pandemic last year. Don’t worry, those people are easy to find if he needs them.

Meanwhile, Japan closes its schools, China closes its plants, and Iran begins to abandon thoughts and prayers. The Coronavirus seems unconcerned.

The good news: John Waters might make it through this. (Chuck Todd might not.) This may not be the best time to cultivate your Hulihees.

Can you believe it —  are still having an election?  You know, somebody’s bound to win. Democrats plan to return to their Trump concerns… later. Donald’s so unleashed, he’s rerunning old transgressions, putting John Ratcliffe through the DNI wringer again. Richard Grenell is awful in so many ways that it’s difficult to come up with new examples, but Julian Assange manages to offer us some more. A House panel says pro-Trump lunatic stalker Robert Hyde isn’t that into cooperation.

Donald Trump has plenty of unexplained debt, but the Scottish government is more interested in his unexplained wealth. How is Devin Nunes paying for all of his lawsuits, anyhow?

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David Waldman didn’t watch last night’s Democratic debate and does not have Coronavirus COVID-19, so frankly, all he has is hearsay to rely upon. Lucky for all of us Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to say information we can rely upon.

Roger Stone’s judge has his jury testify against his claims that his lawyers are inept.

Donald Trump is back from India and probably stopped at all the drive-throughs coming back from the airport. Can you believe no one heard of hamberders over there? And their samoas are called “samosas” and taste weird! Dr. Ronny Jackson finds getting Republican votes as tough as getting Donald to open up for a spoonful of peas. Trump also can’t stomach girl justices anymore. Why? Well, you know.

Democratic presidential candidates gathered for their 10th scrum of the season, but the moderators forgot to bring their ref whistles. Some gave Elizabeth Warren the win, but judges skewed points toward highest bellowing decibels. Mike Bloomberg won during the debate breaks. League of Women Voters, where are you?

Joe Biden gets a James Clyburn boost into South Carolina, but Bernie Sanders has got this thing in the bag, as long as no one says anything bad about him for a few months. Please, black voters don’t want to talk about which candidate is the blackest. Mitch McConnell knows the path to Republican success is always right up the uterus.

Then there’s the pandemic… No it’s not, yetWatch out! But — Don’t panic! Donald Trump says it’s all under control, so we all should be burning stacks of bodies by the weekend.

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Another debate tonight! There can’t be many more of those, at least for a few of them up there. And then there’s Super Tuesday, or one of them, because aren’t all Tuesdays a little super with KITM and David Waldman?

Bloomberg hates Bernie, at least at tonight’s debate. Trump loves Bloomberg, at least according to Howard Stern

Richard Walters started at the RNC at 23 years old and in just 7 years is well on his way to millions through double, and even triple dipping. What’s not to love with this guy?

How does Ivanka Trump do.. No wait, she doesn’t do anything.

Donald Trump, the black swan president, meets his black swan threat with Coronavirus-19, and finds his usual dosage of lies non-efficaciousInternational Olympic Committee member, Dick Pound, isn’t just going to stand around and… “twiddle his thumbs”... waiting for action.

It’s no surprise that successful hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien has found some success “working with” Donald Trump. Trump’s doctor tried hiding vegetables into Donald’s food, but he found out

Roger Stone tried to force Judge Amy Berman Jackson to recuse herself because she praised the jurors for serving with "integrity”. Trump wants the two female Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves because… well, he’s still working on that rationale. Hang on, Ginni Thomas is volunteering to sub in for them.

The 14th Amendment says states that infringe the vote must lose representation in Congress. They do a lot of that, so David looks into what can be done.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome us to another episode of NKN, Nobody Knows Nothing™.  Of course, those two know some things, but check out all that people don’t know: 

Bernie Sanders blew through Nevada with a “Tyson Fury” this weekend. Indeed, there are some who would compare his victory to a lightning strike

But! Elizabeth Sanders is in second place in national polling! Super Tuesday is still coming, with 1,357 delegates. Perhaps you remember her? Perhaps you don’t... 

So, let’s talk about Bernie Sanders. Bernie could be the nominee, and our unity candidate. And, unity is certainly something we can use. But, he could lose! He could make Jewish voters flee to Canada! He could make Never Trumpers not Never anymore! It could be worse than 2016, in fact it could be 2008 all over again! This is all great news for John McCain. Then again, nobody knows nothing.

Those who have been around Bernie for a while are less concerned and consterned. David’s seen them come and go and has been around long enough to not jump to any conclusions.

The good news is that the ignorance in this country dropped by half once Air Force One lifted off the tarmac to India. Meanwhile, back in the States, Trump’s hit list is still being compiled, a tough job considering that even folks like Richard Grenell weren’t goose stepping that high just a couple of years ago.

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David Waldman drops us off at the door of the weekend, rings the doorbell, but didn’t run off without first packing us something:

Donald Trump has been fighting intelligence for years, and it looks as if he is winning, by replacing too-smart Joseph Maguire with anti-smart Richard Grenell and Kash Patel once a classified briefing leaked to those members of Congress not paid in rubles. Pаботник месяца Dana Rohrabacher hoped to pay Julian Assange in pardons. Are Russians “pro-Trump” or just “anti-American”? Jake Tapper isn’t sure.

Nevada Caucuses, how do they work? Unfortunately, unlike magnets, people really aren’t sure.

Eric Posman presents Senate Snippets For Anxious Activists VI! This week, Eric heads to North Carolina to discuss tippable Trump toady Thom Tillis.

In North Carolina, the state appeals court temporarily blocked their draconian, racist voter ID law. This is seen as a “win” for Democrats, as they are not draconian racists.

David mentioned fourteen times on today’s show, so from that figure alone you might guess could be an important site to remember... You’d be correct! Blair Reeves launched to break a decade of GOP misrule in North Carolina. The Long Leaf Pine Slate helps raise money for Democratic challengers running to flip Gop seats in the NC General Assembly. North Carolina is big, important, and would already be blue if it wasn’t for those working hard to turn it white. NC clearly has a lot to fix, and you can help. That’s

Friend of the show, and friend of Daily Kos, peacearena, aka activist, writer, tech consultant Serena Blaiz, tells us of an intrusive, ineffective, and dangerous tool in Congress’ surveillance toolbox that should be just thrown away.

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Don’t ask David Waldman how the debates went, he didn’t watch them. Oh wait, you can ask him, we just spent the last couple of hours finding out all about them.

We’re all awaiting the Roger Stone sentencing (Spoiler Alert!), but it probably doesn’t matter. Trump will pardon him once Roger’s check clears. The humanly decent thing to do would be to lock Stone away from decent humanity forever.

Hey, wasn’t it like… yesterday when Elizabeth Warren was completely doomed? Then Liz came in and walloped, pummeled, thrashed, and clobbered Mike Bloomberg at the Democratic debate. She eviscerated Bloomberg. Stepped on him like King Kong. Tore him a dozen new ones. Why, Elizabeth Warren took Mike Bloomberg and… 

Greg Dworkin says all that probably won’t matter. Bernie’s way in the lead, especially if you are under 50. (Those over 50 may have actually seen an actuarial table.) Warren wasted her entire time last night building her brand and broadening her base instead of tilting at Bernie. Who pays attention to debates anyhow? They probably don’t matter. As predicted, Bloomberg blew the debate but today bought a few endorsements to make himself feel nice. Anyhow, you didn’t see any Dems do that thing someone said they should do if they really want to beat Trump...  Eh, it probably won’t matter.

Meanwhile, Pete and Amy’s love-hate relationship continued to blossom, but don’t expect a proposal in the fourth season. And, Joe was there too.

Donald Trump is a puppet. Therefore he understands the need for puppets. His latest is Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence, who fits all the requirements for the position.

And, it’s @Darwin_Darko deja vu as we finally get to listen to Darwin’s unabridged report on the new members of our new Space Force. Spacemen” and “space cadets” are out, so what do we call them? What does military publication Stars and Stripes do when Trump treats them like PBS?

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How do you feel this morning? Norms and institutions are falling all around us. David Waldman breaks the news: The Boy Scouts file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which could be only the start of their financial woes until they pick up a little business sense.

Tonight’s Democratic debate won’t be only rousing entertainment. This one is important. Introducing an old rich white guy into the mix might bring untold volatility to this race. Bernie Sanders might as well give up his double digit lead and go home. Psst. Have you heard? Bernie’s a “socialist”. The “Democratic Socialist” label isn’t playing well in local diners, especially with those not enthusiastic about the “Democratic” label.

And, what about Elizabeth Warren you say? Hey, don’t count out Warren yet! Ok, Greg Dworkin says perhaps you can. Listen, he doesn’t make the rules. Who knows who does… but just never trust the opinion of bogus respondents, they will always let you down.

While you are voting, and if you happen to be voting in Maine, vote for Sara Gideon. Mainers might be just finding out about Sara, but they already are beginning to like her more than Susan Collins, who finally might become troubled.

Donald Trump got a little pardon practice in yesterday. He needs to limber up for the big league players. Rod Blagojevich joins the Trumpocrats, as Donald drains the penitentiaries back into the swamp. Trump gave his pardonees a trial by their peers… who all hope for their pardons in the future, and share a well-founded hatred of laws. William Barr gets that, unlike those thousands of former DOJ officials and judges working against his boss, the chief law enforcement officer of the country

John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon just didn’t get it. Barr might need to look into him, once he finishes routing out a few apostates in the CIA.

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Today only—David Waldman extends his KITM Presidents’ Day Sale—try it for 30 days, and if you’re not completely satisfied…  Well, you will be satisfied. Check out all we have to offer:

Donald Trump is defunding Stars and Stripes to pay for the wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. Republicans worried most about acquitting Trump are much more cheerful now that their checks cleared.

Most read Business Insider just for the articles, but there’s always some into the animal-rights activists crashing Bernie Rallies thing as well.

Alan Dershowitz said the opposite of what he just said in an attempt to win his next case, which is of course why he’s paid the big bucks.

Joan McCarter skypes in to tell us Moscow Mitch has blocked about 400 House-passed bills. Mitch won’t let the Senate vote to secure the election, although McConnell does have some sure-fail anti-abortion bills to push through, to help calm the nerves of Senators such as Susan Collins. Susan happens to be concerned about re-election, but has never been awfully troubled by Senate rules. As long as Collins has Trump’s back, he has hers… maybe.

Eddie DeBarolo’s got Trump’s back. Rod Blagojevich returns in time for the 2020 elections. So might Seth Rich.

How are 2,000 former officials of the Justice Department going to stop William Barr? How are 1,100 federal judges going to stop William Barr? Absolutely nothing is going to stop Donald Trump.

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Yesterday, it was a nice day for a white nationalist wedding. Today, it’s a nice day to start again with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bringing us news and analysis:

Worm with teeth Stephen Miller wed Katie Waldman on Sunday. (Note: Katie is NOT related to David Waldman. If contrary evidence ever surfaces, David’s DNA will spontaneously combust.)

Donald Trump gets the old gang back together one more time, before they’re all picking litter off highway medians. Welcome back, Sean SpicerReince Priebus, Hope Hicks, and John McEntee! Donald’s best friends are always the ones on which he has the best balance of kompromat. By the way, it’s never too late for Rudy Colludy Giuliani to go into the barrel and under the bus... then right back onto the team again.

BFFs Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have already had a falling out over their preferred omnipresent covert surveillance overlords.

The big question of 2020 is who can win the election. If we don’t vote for policy, what can we vote for? Is the big threat Socialism? Stalinism? No, first worry about Capitalism. Mike Bloomberg makes it rain, while dropping a few more isms, such as racism and sexism. Is it better for African Americans to go with the devil who says he always loved them, or the other one? Racism has been no problem for whites, so it mustn’t be a dealbreaker for black voters.

Wait… Is Amy Klobuchar the “Mary Ann”?

Voatz is the Uber of stupid corrupt election apps. The latest in expensive technology will allow the Nevada Caucus to drive into walls and over cliffs at speeds unimagined since Iowa.

Why can’t schools make meals like Mom used to make, back when Mom was in the mob?

Organized sports cheat almost as often as politicians. A journeyman pitcher who lost his shot at the majors is suing the Houston Astros.

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Happy Holidays! It's not Groundhog Day, but the idea is the same, as we re-bring you our Valentine's Day 2019 episode. Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day doesn’t bear much scrutiny, it is what you make of it... And, you can make the most of your day, by making David Waldman and KITM your morning information choice! 

A tentative deal is reached in #DenverTeacherStrike. Denver teachers ♥ teacher unions! The House doesn’t ♥ Saudis like Donald Trump does.  Americans don’t ♥ Trump's tax plan. The GOP ♥s AOC. No one ♥s the Tea Party anymore. Rep. Ilhan Omar doesn’t ♥ Elliott Abrams, or any genocidal war criminals.

Trump ♥s golf.

Who doesn’t ♥ Greg Dworkin? Greg continues the discussion of the Paul Manafort bombshell, and the deepening mystery in the Russia probe. The US foreign policy community is poorly equipped to cope with individual and community failures, and Loren DeJonge Schulman will tell you how.

Sen. Chris Coons went to the National Prayer Breakfast last week thinking it was a Christian event. Donald Trump set him straight. Trump helps Chuck Grassley find religion. Trump is beginning to figure out that the spending/border bill might not be a winning deal for him. Mitch McConnell hopes Donald figures that out slowly. Does Lou and Sean still Donald? Laura Ingraham grows a bit cold. Tomi Lahren finds herself the wisest, most sane commentator in her twitter feed. Donald wishes he knew how to quit his wall, but he just can’t. Trump urges the TVA to keep open a coal-burning power plant for the good of coal, his buddy, and money. Trump’s DHS guts task forces protecting elections from foreign meddlingEvery day Is a new low in Trump's White House. 

At least the latest threat of measles epidemics inspires cool animations.

It is also the one year anniversary of the Parkland Tragedy, the beginning of the Parkland Students fight against gun death, and one year closer to Alex Jones going to Hell.

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On KITM today, David Waldman is here and ready to discuss and examine several things, e.g. ”&”, i.e., an “ampersand; Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, father of chicken, and how Iowa’s bullshit is everyone’s bullshit. Also:

Donald Trump and William Barr continue their rampage with Republican acquiescence. Barr has no choice but to resign, unless “not resigning” is a choice, then he’ll probably go with that. Barr will also choose not to do the math on Roger Stone. No reason to choose to do anything correctly if no one is checking your work.

Unredacted emails on Ukraine show how much the OMB was hiding from Congress. The DOJ has finally gotten around to reviewing how much Erik Prince was misleading Congress on Russia. Tired of all of the deception, the Senate Gop arranges for no one to find things out in the first place. Republican Rep. Ross Spano told buddies how cool it would be to violate campaign finance laws. They told him to go for it.

Joe Biden must still be a threat to Trump, since Republicans are still investigating Hunter. Donald should be worried about Mike Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, a former captain of Ohio State’s wrestling team testified about Jim (Gym) Jordan grovelling, on the Fourth of July, tears streaming down his eyes, in an effort to continue his cover-up of serial sexual abuses.

Hope Hicks, how will she do it?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us the big news, and that big news isn’t the New Hampshire primary. Turns out, Bill Barr and Donald Trump are happy to steal headlines too—just throw it all into the back of the truck with everything else.

Don’t tell Susan Collins, but Donald Trump is on the loose, and he has unshackled Attorney General William Barr, who in turn has the keys to the cages of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. All four prosecutors on the Roger Stone case quit shortly after Fox viewers told them the bad news. Barr has prepared his whole career for this moment. For Trump, this is just another day. Trump orders his firing squads like he orders his Diet Cokes.

Sen. Kamala Harris demanded Lindsey Graham bring in William Barr to testify. You just know Lindsey will be the weak link in that chain.

Other than the coup d'état, the No. 1 story of the night was the New Hampshire primary. Donald Trump won on the Gop side, and Bernie Sanders edged out Pete Buttigieg, who took second place away from Amy Klobuchar. Mmmm polling!

A lot of people turned out. Many independents voted. Many voters decided recently. Most Bernie voters knew for a while. Centrists are moving toward Amy. Everyone hates Trump.

Jeff Bezos hates Trump.

Remember comical lawn gnome/stalker Robert Hyde? He’s now supplying documents and probably more selfies to congress, and yet thinks he isn’t under the bus.

Christianné Allen, how does she do it?

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Today probably isn’t the best day to balance a broom. Dixville Notch may not be exactly the "picture-perfect democracy" we thought it was. Even “Hookers For Jesus” might not be all they seem on the surface.

David Waldman and KITM, you can trust:

Donald Trump ruins people’s day, today in New Hampshire, locally in Manchester. Donald continues his federally supported feud with Jeff Bezos, better yet, Jeff continues his feud with Donald. Donald is a tough guy. A pretty, pretty, pretty tough guy.

Chuck Todd insinuates that Bernie Sanders has certain supporters that behave as an online mob out to bully and intimidate anyone they see in opposition… but then, Chuck leaned into Godwin’s law and now there’s both righteous indignation in the air and blood in the water

A House staffer reported sexual assault at a VA hospital, so of course the Veterans’ Affairs secretary Robert Wilkie worked to smear her.

Joan McCarter visits with primary news and more:

Donald Trump’s slash-and-burn 2021 budget proposal didn’t overlook the forgotten people in rural America. It goes out of its way to grind them under.

Susan Collins is deeply troubled to discover the meaning of quid pro quo.

Utah sends its employees to Mexico for lower prescription prices, pays for airline tickets, throws in 500 bucks and still gets a deal. Why not make it a real holiday and get some teeth pulled?

The Bureau of Land Management is no match for the oil, gas and lithium barons of the wild west, and their hired guns. A well armed benevolent association targets the Mayor of New York, and tells him the “game’s on”.

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Last night, for once the Trumps weren’t the most talked about parasite family . The Academy says “Thanks Obama”. Donald hasn’t yet figured out who to expel or investigate in Hollywood, but once Rudy’s free to infiltrate, the DOJ will be waiting.

David Waldman hopes we can learn something from the Iowa caucus debacle before we forget about it. Pete Buttigieg officially took more delegates in IA, while Bernie got more votes. The Iowa Democratic party refuses to correct its math errors, although there could be a recanvass, or maybe even a recount. Of course, the RNC is always standing by to compound any errors. Next caucus, possibly next debacle: Nevada.

New Hampshire voters are now saddled with the paradox of choice in Tuesday’s primary, with Nevada and South Carolina soon after. Greg Dworkin lets us know what to look for, and forward to Sanders and Buttigieg lead in NH, but with different voters. It doesn’t sound as if they’ll be picking up each other’s supporters any time soon. Neither of them have a grip on black voters like Joe Biden, if that is even what Joe has.

Meanwhile, the UK declares the 2019 Coronavirus an imminent threat as confirmed cases top 40,000 in at least 24 countries with nearly half catching it in the hospital.

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David Waldman brings us part 3 of an exposé on Burisma.

Oh yes, you have heard a lot on Burisma already, and you sure will be hearing a lot more before the election. The Trump administration lower intestine will be feeding regular tidbits to our mainstream news for some time to come, therefore you might as well just stop by here for KITM’s much “less processed” account.

Meanwhile, there's a new abuse of power by Trump that should alarm you, should you ever find out about it. The Trump administration is spending millions to make people dumber every minute. So far that has worked pretty well... But what if everything you think you know about politics is wrong?

Not that it matters of course. You might be surprised to hear that Donald Trump charges the Secret Service premium rates at his hotels. Or... you aren’t surprised because you’ve known about it for years. By the time the real facts come out those facts have been so muddied that…

Wait, that’s not mud. Which brings us one more time back to the Iowa caucus. The caucus-blockus app seems to have been helped by trolls and Trumpers clogging the hotline plumbing, aided by idiot reporters.

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David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin thoroughly consider the day’s events on today’s KITM. Sure, it’s a full two hours, but if you can’t make the time, you might want to reconsider your lifestyle choices.

Acquitted! Donald Trump is out today making sure we all understand the meaning of that word, and how little it has to do with exoneration.

Speaking from the heart, and moved by faith, Mitt Romney set himself apart from those that have neither. Mitt Romney and Doug Jones are new profiles in courage, while censuring the entire Trump party. Mitt could have spoke up earlier, but in the end it really wouldn’t have mattered. Democrats will need to do this again until they get it right.

Sherrod Brown explains how Republicans can stand Trump, but not how they can stand upright.

Marie Yovanovitch tells us that American institutions need American courage to survive.

Matt Gaetz stands up for… Can Matt Gaetz stand?

Iowa has discovered how to stay at the top of the news cycle. Buttigieg and Sanders lead with... oh, let’s say, “a lot” of the results in.  Essentially they canceled the Iowa Caucus a few hours after everyone voted. Will New Hampshire be the final word on Biden’s Joementum? Well, as far as the media is concerned, it does look like a 3 man race.

Get ready for the upcoming Joe Biden and Burisma talking points by listening to David’s analysis of Burisma without the Biden framing.

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What a tiresome week. David Waldman takes us… to the middle:

STFU SOTU. Donald Trump doesn’t have much to brag about, but he did give away prizes. Rush Limbaugh, who has never deserved anything that he presently has, now has a participation medal. The one thing that Trump’s speech absolutely was not: Soft and absorbent, therefore Nancy Pelosi only decided she should tear it up. How unpatriotic! Just like Jay-Z, and Beyonce and uhm... Donald Trump.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the pundits—a feat, considering the pundits themselves don’t really know where they are since that caucus-blockus brouhaha Monday. Greg is back to catch us up, Iowa Caucus-wise, so we will have one more chance to review what they are, why they are important, and how to cipher all the numbers before we move on to New Hampshire

Results are in! Some of them! Maybe! Flip a coin! Still, there are finally some crunchy numbers out there, and some evidence to conclude. Buttigieg and Sanders do have bragging rights, and Mayor Pete will do just that.  The fiascos do continue to roll in. Elizabeth Warren lost a delegate when people who didn’t know better took over from people who knew better, but didn’t pipe up. A Buttigieg caucuser discovers she might be a Trumper at heart

Today marks the final impeachment battle, before all of the future impeachment battles. David takes a dive into Ukrainian corruption history.

Is a Kentucky congressman “Peak Gop” in 2020? Nope! There’s plenty of 2020 left.

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A big week for political junkies, masochists, David Waldman and KITM continues... mostly for the masochists. This is going to leave a mark:

So. What happened? Did anyone win? Did everyone lose? And, that phone app, developed by “Shadow Inc.“ on the behalf of strategy firm “Acronym”—no kidding!—was that the problem? Was it cable news, filling every down minute with stupidity and angst? Is it all the process? Or are caucuses just awful? There is plenty of blame to go around, and maybe some lessons to take away… as long as they take away caucuses too. (Republicans don’t like them either.) This will be a landmark week for trolls, though. David teaches us caucus math, which outside of the 8+ hours in a gym arguing with strangers is the most fun anyone could possibly have at a caucus!

Go ahead, ask Joan McCarter how much fun caucuses are, she’ll tell you. Joan and David chat caucuses, and preview the deeply gifted oration heading our way tonight. It won’t be from John Bolton. He’s not talking.

Texas A&M campus says guns are ok in classrooms and dorms. Technically, you aren’t allowed to use them to murder people, but one thing leads to another.

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RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!)

A big week for political junkies, masochists, David Waldman and KITM: Iowa caucuses today, State of the Union on Tuesday, then a sham acquittal, and onto another Democratic Debate with just a little extra pizzazz.

The Super Bowl pressed two for Spanish with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira trying to subtly send a message to viewers, maybe a little too subtly for Fox viewers. Donald Trump didn’t know who was playing in the Super Bowl, turns out he didn’t even know where they were playing, as Mike Pompeo’s maps were of no help. Trump did however see another opportunity to soak taxpayers, and Donald never leaves money on the table

Greg Dworkin tells us all we need to know about the Iowa caucuses, except who is going to “win”, which is the least interesting or consequential detail. The highly anticipated Des Moines Register poll was scuttled by big font. Now we all have to guess at the outcome, or wait until the results, or whatever... New rules could muddle the results of the caucuses, but also make them more interesting. Democrats start nipping at each other, right on cue.

Jan. 31, 2020, was the worst day for democracy in America since April 12, 1861. Ken Starr name-drops Martin Luther King Jr. Trump operatives hand out cash to people attending his events in black communities. The Ukraine cover-up continues with no regrets, blocking dozens of emails about Trump’s role in the Ukraine aid freeze, which could have revealed Donald’s state of mind for anyone interested. Republicans are interested in impeaching Joe Biden if he wins the presidency. By that point, impeaching a president on "strictly partisan lines" won’t seem awfully bad to them either. Who could have guessed all this would happen? Dare we overturn the will of the voters by even holding another election?

A Republican legislator tries to play a game with Democrats, and finds that isn’t a game that Democrats play. 

No, you don’t catch the 2019 Novel Coronavirus from a particular nationality or race... or even beer for that matter. Don’t worry, American scientists are working on it in their spare time.

Low unemployment doesn’t mean good employment. There’s plenty of crap jobs to go around. Jay Sekulow and his family just go to a drop box when they need money.


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