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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 10, 2016

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David Waldman is just kidding. But he kids because he loves!

Chris Christie aides live blog his lies. Police officer demonstrates what not to do, by shooting and killing a woman in a class

Greg Dworkin knows the difference between humor and “humor”. Donald Trump jokes could have some people considering the unthinkable. Of course, Trump doubles down, and now everything’s fine. If you thought that was funny, did you hear the new one about Hillary and emails?  All of this hasn’t shown up in the polls yet, but should keep the trend lines going. Pennsylvania goes back behind the Clinton firewall. Now is the time for Never Trump to force a rout. Trump — True story.

Bloomberg poll finds support for single-party government.

There is a big difference between “working class” and “poor”.

Florida. Florida. Florida.

Armando calls in to discuss the future of the Post-Ailes Fox News. After turning down Roger Ailes’ invitation to be a sexual ally, one of the most powerful women in TV news realizes she wasn’t Ailes’ first and wouldn’t be his last.

Text analysis proves that Donald Trump is his own anger translator.