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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 29, 2019

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Lawrence O’Donnell, who is probably right, spends the morning getting yelled at. Trump, who is definitely wrong, attempts to roll back yet more environmental protections, because he loves to kill bald eagles. Greg Dworkin has that news, and—as always—much, much more.

Trump defectors are the season’s hottest item, but they’re still just in beta (and Gathering. Their. Armies. Even though that was someone else.) The NRA may be dying, but at least they’ve got an addled dotard to cling to. Trump’s mad at Fox, but he may need them more than they need him. Why? Because they’re watched by idiots. But he’s mad at them on TV, so he wasted his morning on their radio station, instead. That’ll show ‘em!

The NC-09 special election looms, as the next test for the influence of independents (whomever they might be).

Speaking of special elections, there will be one coming in Georgia, too. And Twitter pal Gus Zucchini reminds us that no one—including Congress—is really sure they’ll be able to count the votes right.

Meanwhile, Trump—jerk that he is—has got everyone tied up in knots over what his latest meddling in once-settled citizenship rules is going to mean.

Was that story about a Russian “doomsday missile” fake news? Is it maybe not the only potential nuclear disaster Russia has up its sleeve?

Speaking of floating disasters, the DOJ Inspector General’s report on James Comey is out. But at least he’s probably non-nuclear.

Remember when I said Lawrence O’Donnell was probably right? That’s not just because habitual liar Trump is denying O’Donnell’s story. It’s also because people know who Trump is, and what Deutsche Bank has been up to.