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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 8, 2016

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Following the weekend, David Waldman catches us up on the weekend’s, today’s and even tomorrow’s news:

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, which are still fine for Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s bump is not fading yet, and after a rough week for Donald, is sticking around 8 points. Donald Trump bounces off his ceiling and floor.

Some Bernie voters, a tidbit of the electorate, aren’t with Hillary. A new Anti-Trump Republican candidate, who likes Ike’s Hair-do, emerges. 

Donald Trump is an ‘abusive braggart’ unfit to lead our Armed Forces. Trump is self-defeating, but what is the cure for Trumpism? Trump retreats from the South, but still makes a stand in the Southwest. As Donald foments the Riggists, Republicans deciding between going Vichy or Gaullistducking or covering. Another Republican deserts to the Clinton camp, and George P. Bush completely surrenders.

Time to beat Trump like a drum. Time to beat Newt Gingrich, literally. In other expected news, Roger Ailes used the Fox News budget to finance ‘Black-Room’ campaigns against his enemies.

Military personnel in Rio de Janeiro are claiming a bullet shot through the press tent was an accident. Did you know there is corruption in the Olympics too?

Another accidental discharge in a Walmart lot, this time, bees.