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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 21, 2016

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4 more days until Christmas!  Of course, it’s 30 days until Donald Trump can pass out drone strikes. Donald’s to give, the question is not if, or when, just where.

David Waldman recommends against loaded guns, or cases of mumps as last minute gift ideas.

Coach Greg Dworkin calls on us to play to win. It’s not the time to be timid. The Democrats brought a knife to a gun fight. But, even Republicans are afraid of the Trump enforcers.  

Voters really did switch to Trump at the last minute, and the FBI is under pressure to explain what they call a “warrant”, and what others call “appalling”. Mitch McConnell wasn’t prepared for this kind of success.

Those Trump Boys are at it again. Half a million or so buys a chance to hunt with a Trump. Alas, the offer was pulled back before Dick Cheney could take them up on it.

Joan McCarter tells us more about paying to play with the Trumps. Politico gives Breitbart goons and the fake press a forum to make threats against Congress. The Trump team half-asses a half-blind trust.

Bill O’Reilly stands up for White Nationalists.

Trump’s doctor says it’s no big deal if Donald’s health is bad, he has other patients.

President Obama scrambles to save the world in the days he has left.

A police officer lends his gun to a school robot that might have had a beef with the shop teacher.