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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 23, 2016

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David Waldman did not present KITM “live” this morning. He presented a special “live-like” pre-recorded KITM heading into the holiday weekend...  Hey—what better way to address the unreality of the media world that created the character moving into the White House? 

The Apprentice seemed to be “reality” simply because it was labeled as “reality TV”, and originally the show, and the character of “Donald Trump”, were designed as comedy. Once audiences started believing the “reality” of “The Apprentice”, and “Donald Trump”, it wasn’t so funny anymore. David looks at how the reality was manipulated on The Apprentice, and how it is really not funny anymore.

Now, the government is casting regulars just like a TV show

That doesn’t mean that the Trump team is neglecting their twin goals of destroying government and enriching themselves. White House counsel pick Donald F. McGahn will defend the swamp by promoting agency dysfunction through gridlock and delay. At the DOJ, civil rights lawyers prepare themselves to take on the Least Racist Person in America.

You might have heard it first in those Jade Helm 15 emails from your uncle, but discover it second here: Clinton-era directive for natural disaster relief is enabling militarized police to come down on you, hard.

The War on Christmas has been won, except for the continuing battles on the War on Jews. A white supremacist website calls for reinforcements in Montana.