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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 27, 2017

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CORRECTION: On today’s show, David Waldman mistakenly read the punchline of his Oscars joke as “$10, same as downtown.” The correct punchline is “Tuesday’s YOUR night in the barrel.” KITM regrets the error.

Greg Dworkin is our Jordan Horowitz, whipping out the truth and sticking it right in our faces. Outrage will beat chaos. Republicans keep trying to bury Trump’s transgressions, and it is our job to expose them. Keep in mind that most of this is unprecedented, and abnormal. Conservatives find themselves fighting for their tribe, now that Conservatism is no more than Trumpism. Trump continues to drop in popularity for most people, no matter who’s asking or how they are asking it. His administration says FU, we won, although it kind of bugs them that you keep complaining to them.

Tomorrow, Donald P. Trump goes before congress to review his incredible electoral college win, and some other stuff to fill out the hour. He might divulge his secret ISIS plan, if Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ plan isn’t some big loser plan. Trump probably won’t dwell on Scott Pruit’s emails with the Koch brothers, Rene Acosta’s fights against labor and civil rights, Wilbur Ross’ Russia connections, or his tax returns. Donald will continue to bet that his support will continue from the kind of people that wouldn’t bother to read an article much further than the headline.