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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 28, 2017

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Now they’ve done it. Obama’s people—and you know who they are—drove David Waldman into almost an hour of Trump impressions, which is a lot of work. Even Donald Trump is getting tired of performing Trump impressions. Donald, who by the way did more in 4 weeks... except for that Navy Seal, that was Obama’s fault… and not Obamacare repeal, because that stuff’s hard once you think about it… will be forced tonight to explain to everyone, again, how fine he is. Did you know that Trump did well in the Electoral College?

Armando calls in to discuss the absurdity of attempting to talk rationally about Donald Trump being a legitimate anything

We tried to warn you about Jeffrey Epstein, but now look. We tried to warn you about Scott Pruitt. We tried to warn you about Wilbur Ross, now it’s too late for him too. Today, you should ask your Senator what they were thinking. Then write and call all of your representatives to tell them to keep fighting. They may not win them all, but it will all add up over time, as people figure out what a mess this is.

Meanwhile, Faux News interviews fake experts, which can only be topped by straight propaganda machines being declared journalists

How far has the Overton Window moved? Did anyone notice when the DOJ looked the other way on voter suppression? And—a North Carolina bill would let parents put concussed kids back into games.