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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 26, 2018

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Shadow ban! This morning’s Donald Trump fake news toilet-tweet dropped only a few hours ago, as Donald just wasn’t feeling the love coming his way anymore. KITM-ers leapt into action, supplying  David Waldman and us with the real story in almost real time—part of why you tune in!

Another great reason are guests like Greg Dworkin, who rounded up some pretty nice polling for election day, gulp, still 309 days away… Outside of the election, the public still supports the Mueller investigation, sees Helsinki as a fiasco, and likes Obamacare more than Trumpanything. Is the “Resistance” the most under-covered political story because He-Who-Must-Be-Resisted keeps hogging the limelight?

Pulling security clearances is just the middle of the Trump autocracy. The White House bans CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, inspiring much-needed solidarity and maybe some more subscriptions

A wee contingent of Republicans attempted to storm the walls of justice defended by Rod Rosenstein, and have already failed. Even they knew they would.

Dems are not in disarray, David reviews the career of Jim Clyburn, and the time and effort needed to earn a position of leadership.

The Gop isn’t in disarray, they all know Putin’s the boss. Trump’s appointee to run the Justice Department’s criminal division came out of Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The Trump's-Cohen tape release was to avoid the crime-fraud exception… so expect a bunch more tapes to be released.