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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 30, 2018

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Here comes Netroots Nation! And KITM… well, KITM won’t actually be there, but you’ll be hearing a lot about it from David Waldman leading up to and during the convention. Overall, news like this will be reaching you much more efficiently, now that Daily Kos welcomed their first-ever communications director, Carolyn Fiddler, and opened their new Washington, D.C., office. 

All politics being local, Greg Dworkin rounded up some he discovered right in his own backyard. Connecticut sees a youth surge in voter registration. Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District is happy to choose between the greater of two greats. New faces, young blood, and braver stances are popping up everywhere. In David’s backyard however... Republican Denver Riggleman’s Bigfoot erotica is not being appreciated by Democrat Leslie Cockburn.

Trump backers will back Trump, but it’s harder finding them each day. Sean Spicer continues to gaslight, Rudy Giuliani destroys the goalposts. Donald bleats apoplectically. The New York Times therefore searches for balance by talking to the #1 Trump backer. Con men usually can find a way to slip away, unfortunately for everyone Trump’s con has to go 4 years. With all of this going on, Democrats better be doing well going into November.

“Prayer” and “Breakfast” used to be such nice things, but the National Prayer Breakfast is an institution designed to defile all of that. Maria Butina plied various trades, for various benefactors at the Breakfast, all of them searching for more white power. Alt-right fight clubs prepare for race war.