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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 30, 2021

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David Waldman delivers his KITM Hiatus Eve special, but he’ll be back —  on Monday! — with new recorded shows!

This is about the point in a science fiction film when the protagonist damns us all to hell for ruining things forever.

We were this close… but now we have the Delta variant, a cool name for a sequel, but a pretty horrific disease. Republicans, who usually only understand other’s problems when it happens to them, are having it happen to them. Unfortunately all that they seem to understand this time is that there is “a problem”, because it is happening to them. So now we have Republican selfie riots in the Capitol, and it is back to blue states and Democrats to the rescue, again. Red states, on the other hand, hope increasing ignorance and inattention will save the the day. Somehow, the UK has a handle on things, although no one can quite explain how.

Republicans also prefer their delusions over any testimony on the January 6 insurrection. This could be an issue for them when they are called to testify on their delusions. Donald Trump says the cops who spoke to Congress are pussies, so it might be interesting to hear his thoughts, under oath. Merrick Garland won’t defend Mo Brooks, but should do more.  First things first, as the attorney general for the District of Columbia continues investigating the 2017 inauguration committee. The Arizona Senate liaison, Ken Bennett, resigned, and then didn’t.