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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 31, 2018

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Donald Trump woke up this morning, confused. 3-D plastic guns don’t make much sense to him, and he’s planning on “looking into them”… heh. Speaking of GunFAIL, printed guns are the hot new thing to talk about, but David Waldman still feels the typical buyer might find them a bad penis substitute, as they are silly looking, too bulky and way too hard to conceal… moving on: 

Another “good guy” with a gun can’t convince the police of his “good guy”-ness in time and is fatally shot. It might take some time to figure out which guy with a gun was the “good guy” there.

What was Maria Butina doing at the National Prayer Breakfast? As with the many other Russians, and others that attend each year, she was just earning a buck.

For the second hour of KITM, David welcomes back Professor Ian Reifowitz to discuss how Trump’s tax plan was a lie. The administration has moved on, now putting together a unilateral tax cut for the rich. This will give wealthy people thousands more to not trickle down to the economically anxious, who have become economically delirious, happy to suffer to the death if needed.