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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 29, 2020

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BREAKING: Skype! At least, the KITM Skype has broken. That was the big news this morning, at least until David Waldman was able to dig his Netscape CD out of the bottom of the pencil drawer and bring Greg Dworkin back on line. 

But that’s not all. There’s still that COVID-19 pandemic to talk about, as it looks as if some of us out there are screwing all of us. A lot of people knew this would happen, and know what to do to fix things. Unfortunately, many don’t know, don’t care, and are putting their efforts into public relations over public health and safety. We can therefore expect to continue to reap in July what we’ve sowed today. 

Tens of thousands of newly dead and dying Americans will probably harm Donald Trump’s reputation of competent leadership leading into the election, which will concern fellow Republicans and even might bring out a few skeptics. Donald Trump himself knows he’s losing, and will tell you that right upfront. 

Of course, the election’s still out there, and so much could change in that time. For instance, proof that Donald Trump arranged for the murder of US troops at the hands of Russians has emerged. Trump can pick from three answers to this scandal: He’s a traitor, he’s an imbecile, or he’s really not the president. Why not all of the above? Anyway, Vlad owes him big time.

Facebook has converted bigotry and fear into shares, likes, and billions of dollars for Mark Zuckerberg. Donald Trump has been a VIP customer since 2015. Recently, however, hate has become less of a profit center for major corporations.

Slimeballs continue to slide into Facebook and into government, and in North Carolina that’s where they run into our friends at The Long Leaf Pine Slate. We can make things change for the better, fast, if we try—look at Mississippi!