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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 29, 2017

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Hurrah for us! More of us are listening to KITM, and more of us is always a good thing.

David Waldman is ready to reveal much today, but hopes you can keep a secret. Some people still have a lot of catching up in today’s environment, but there are many tools you can use right now. Shadowy psy-ops data conglomerate Cambridge Analytica joins the State Department, and they have tools too.

Today, Greg Dworkin reports from a secure location beneath Niagara Falls, or at least it sounds like that. (Skip ahead, it’s only for a few seconds.) In between those bursts of static Greg still manages to catch us up on health care, the 2016 election, and Republican incompetence. Republicans admit that they don’t got this no more, as their fantasies die one by one. They now attempt to find a direction they can agree on, while the Democrats head in the direction of their jobs. In fact, one Democrat could even be heading to a Georgia job.

Greg reminds us to not alienate persuadable, irrational Trump voters that flipped from Obama. Coal miners hope Trump will do something for them, but trust him about as much as the rest of us. Here’s when we’ll know the future of Obamacare.

Trump scores with the highly lucrative Russian mobster demographic. Paul Manafort ships cash offshore to the Cyprus laundry.

Joan McCarter comes in loud and clear today: If there is anything you have, House Republicans will sell it. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is delighted with how things are going with Trumpcare. The White House says they are closer than ever before. Paul Ryan isn’t going to give up! But, maybe first they can shut down government.

At least Neil Gorsuch is no longer a Supreme Court shoo-in. Contact all of your representatives and sing them the ballad of the truck driver that almost froze to death, and Neil Gorsuch didn’t care about.