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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 21, 2021

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Greg Dworkin is okay everybody! Unlike Greg, his washing machine sprung an unintended leak, and is not so okay. Greg was a bit preoccupied this morning and couldn’t call in. Abby remains a good dog, no leaks for her!

David Waldman is sick and tired of stupid, lazy criminals and is forced into giving free, thus non-lawyerly, advice to folks like Nevada Representative Jeff Fortenberry who predicted he would be indicted, as he had committed indictable acts, and was aware that the FBI had found out about them. Justice will be delivered to Jeff, and several others tied to catchily-named Gilbert Chagoury and Toufic Baaklini. Stupid and lazy Matt Gaetz stepped forward to be Fortenberry’s character witness.

Following the trend of Gab, GETTER, and Parler, and of Trump Steaks, Ice, and University will be no mean feat, but if anyone can do it, Donald Trump canDonald’s plowing a lot of other people’s money into this, and every penny shows.

Three quarters of a million Americans have died from COVID-19, officially today, but probably a long time ago. It will be officially more than a million soon. Unvaccinated will get it, keep getting it, and bite it eventually.

Virginia's ”bipartisan” redistricting commission collapses, again, which David could’ve told you would happen, and definitely told you today. A Federal Claims court judge retires… plans to retire… has a retirement plan.