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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 9, 2018

28 more days until the midterm elections. Stay angry my friends. You know that when this guy is furious the line has been crossed. David Waldman anger-casts today’s KITM:

The F.B.I. review of Brett Kavanaugh was throttled because someone knew what would be found. Democrats have promised to continue to investigate after the elections.  

Kavanaugh will cast doubt over every future Supreme Court decision, finally. Brett Kavanaugh and Susan Collins have been part of the problem for since the Bushes. Heidi Heitkamp is one of the heroes who has helped make it a really scary time for dudes and their moms.

Donald and Brett recreated that moment when they first knew each was ”the one” for cameras yesterday. Kanye West stood Trump up for lunch today, but maybe Thursday. Ye has become The Donald’s go-to expert on gangs and prison issues. Taylor Swift isn’t going to let Kanye finish. Hitlers don’t want their names sullied by an association with “Trump”.

Republicans care about their families for the duration of a commercial.

Nikki Haley steps aside for the wife of some hidden genius.

Arresting dissidents for “corruption” is a common practice in China and Russia. The Chinese president of Interpol points this out, and is arrested for corruption...