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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 24, 2018

David Waldman brings us the first KITM of fall—Brett Kavanaugh’s fall. The thing about this fall though, is that every day becomes longer from this point on.

Greg Dworkin rounds up two Round-ups chock full of Kavanaugh and chaos:

Brett has another accuser, and another, and another? Soon his accusers will outnumber his defenders. CNN finds (enlists) 5 random (Republican operative) women whose sons and husbands can touch girls (rape all they want) as long as they turn out well (the paychecks keep coming).

Brett Kavanaugh’s fraternity pledges were fondly known as “buttholes”, but turns out they’re just assholes... Goppers knew what they were doing when they tried to scoot this confirmation along, which is to keep the Republican party, Federalist Society, Christian Right, white male hegemony from collapsing. Now that women aren't helping prop it up, it just might.

Or maybe not. David reminds us that 5 guys will make you do whatever they want.