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Now they’ve done it. Obama’s people—and you know who they are—drove David Waldman into almost an hour of Trump impressions, which is a lot of work. Even Donald Trump is getting tired of performing Trump impressions. Donald, who by the way did more in 4 weeks... except for that Navy Seal, that was Obama’s fault… and not Obamacare repeal, because that stuff’s hard once you think about it… will be forced tonight to explain to everyone, again, how fine he is. Did you know that Trump did well in the Electoral College?

Armando calls in to discuss the absurdity of attempting to talk rationally about Donald Trump being a legitimate anything

We tried to warn you about Jeffrey Epstein, but now look. We tried to warn you about Scott Pruitt. We tried to warn you about Wilbur Ross, now it’s too late for him too. Today, you should ask your Senator what they were thinking. Then write and call all of your representatives to tell them to keep fighting. They may not win them all, but it will all add up over time, as people figure out what a mess this is.

Meanwhile, Faux News interviews fake experts, which can only be topped by straight propaganda machines being declared journalists

How far has the Overton Window moved? Did anyone notice when the DOJ looked the other way on voter suppression? And—a North Carolina bill would let parents put concussed kids back into games.

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CORRECTION: On today’s show, David Waldman mistakenly read the punchline of his Oscars joke as “$10, same as downtown.” The correct punchline is “Tuesday’s YOUR night in the barrel.” KITM regrets the error.

Greg Dworkin is our Jordan Horowitz, whipping out the truth and sticking it right in our faces. Outrage will beat chaos. Republicans keep trying to bury Trump’s transgressions, and it is our job to expose them. Keep in mind that most of this is unprecedented, and abnormal. Conservatives find themselves fighting for their tribe, now that Conservatism is no more than Trumpism. Trump continues to drop in popularity for most people, no matter who’s asking or how they are asking it. His administration says FU, we won, although it kind of bugs them that you keep complaining to them.

Tomorrow, Donald P. Trump goes before congress to review his incredible electoral college win, and some other stuff to fill out the hour. He might divulge his secret ISIS plan, if Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ plan isn’t some big loser plan. Trump probably won’t dwell on Scott Pruit’s emails with the Koch brothers, Rene Acosta’s fights against labor and civil rights, Wilbur Ross’ Russia connections, or his tax returns. Donald will continue to bet that his support will continue from the kind of people that wouldn’t bother to read an article much further than the headline.

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David Waldman can never repay me for all of the effort and dedication I put into these summaries. But you can! Here’s what you can do—go to our Patreon page and sign up to donate. Pennies a day can keep me going, bringing you all sorts of links to really informative and interesting things, all arranged in just a few colloquial paragraphs. If you have any extra, throw in a little for David too, he’ll appreciate it.

Donald Trump really wants law and order, except he doesn’t like law, and can’t find any order. Trump is mad at the FBI leaking that they were against playing down Trump’s Russia connections. The FBI is like that sometimes. David also looks into the story of yet another looney connection between this administration and the Russian mob. Is Maria Butina a wannabe, or the real deal? Either way, you heard it here first!

Common sense would dictate that more gun availability would make more guns available, increasing the chances of guns being accidently shot, increasing the chances of people being injured, increasing the chances of people dying from those injuries. Some people aren’t interested in common sense, but now there is new data for their disinterest. In Florida, gun injuries are increasing for kids, rising along with the increasing availability of firearms across the state.

An off-duty cop has a difficult time properly utilizing his not-police issued crotch holster while quelling dissent of 13 year olds. 

Gun use isn’t always accidental. Sometimes white bigots use them to shoot brown people they suspect are Middle Eastern.

Republicans vote to give police powers to arrest people planning peaceful protests, and confiscate their assets, which they are all too happy to do. Facial recognition software allows them (or anyone) to find you later.

Propaganda is now robotized and weaponized. Trump used it to win the election, and to probably stay in power… along with his usual load of old-fashioned bull-sh*t.

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SQUIRREL! It’s tough to stay focused with so much flitting about our metaphorical bird feeders on a daily basis... so, listen to David Waldman to differentiate your political dark-eyed juncos from those black-capped chickadees:

Donald Trump is losing his war with the media. He’s not alone. Tom Cotton was spanked in front of cameras. Kellyanne Conway needs to spend more time with her family. Louis Gohmert is hiding from the crossfire. Sebastian Gorka is going down, but with a few fights. It is happening all over the country for Republicans, whether they show up or not.

Greg Dworkin’s hope is that a couple of adults in the administration might pull them together, but that might be tough if the boss remains Trump. Just keep your steps in order: first stop the Trump agenda, then move on to more rewarding endeavours. It is good to see the press doing their jobs, and catching the most effective lies about as quickly as Trump can spew them. It is also a positive that Senators are beginning to notice that cutting Obamacare will cut funding to their states.

All of this is good news for local Democratic parties that are seeing a surge of interest.

A major California secession advocate lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is that weird? Did Cambridge Analytica sell Trump BS, or did they sell you “Trump BS”?

Will David remain forever ignorant of the repercussions and implications of Milo Yiannopoulos? He’d rather not! David looks into the lessons that can be learned from Milo and his followers, before they slide back under their rocks.

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It feels like we’ve just started, but here we are at the KITM hump! David Waldman asks: Remember when Barack Obama did more in 30 days than any President since FDR? After Obama got that out of the way, he went golfing. If Trump was that competent, just think of how bad we’d be screwed by now.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the enablers of Chaos that make things worse for the country. Trump hires generals because he knows it’s not in their pay grade to carry the moral compass. Donald isn’t into morals, feelings, or thinking, he just wants to be enabled. Across the nation people are meeting at townhalls to question and stop the enabling of Trump’s agenda. Greg urges us to prioritize strategies for regaining power before assembling our legislative wish lists. Trump’s supporters still support Trump—So what? Conservatives might have a different set of morals, but they still need to draw the line somewhere. The Trump presidency exists in a White Power bubble, and more people are seeing this lunacy. Sebastian Gorka is one of Trumps trusted loons, and a gunFAILer.

The Judicial branch might be the branch that saves our bacon. The Fourth Circuit comes through by upholding Maryland's Assault Weapons Ban, ruling that the Second Amendment doesn’t protect the right to assault weapons.

David takes an in-depth look at the true story of the Comey letter debacle.

Get well soon Joan McCarter!

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David Waldman was out shopping for a used minivan—he can check with me, I can sell him one that is just incredibly used—but lucky for you KITM puts everyone so far ahead of the information curve that there is slack built in for such outings.

So where were we? Trump's Russia scandal takes an unexpected turn, expected by our regular listeners who remember Felix Sater is Donald’s guy in Russia, an FBI informant, and is connected to the mafia. Of course we know this isn’t Donald P. Trump’s only Russian connection, although some of his connections are turning up as dead ends of late. Trump’s allies have delivered a plan to lift Russian sanctions, by helping to topple the Ukrainian Government.

There was also another horrific attack not happening, this time not in Sweden. Donald was forced to un-fake the news that was accurately reporting it. What do you know... this seems to have a Russian connection also! This chaos and intimidation seems to have the intended result as reporters tip-toe on all reporting now, even on Trump’s weekend golfing. The administration also attempted to chaos up any remaining reality by sending out Pence to reassure half of Europe, and Bannon to reassure the other half.

Jewish community centers got bomb threats, and Jewish graves were trashed, but Ivanka tweets made it out to the fairway, so dad eventually said something. Trump’s first priority was to make his statement from a safe space. Meanwhile, Homeland Security, Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, unveil a sweeping plan to deport several million people

Milo Yiannopoulos is awful in many ways, but recently in ways that earned him less money instead of more. Now that Milo upset conservative sensibilities, he’s being noticed, but many were already aware of his presence in that complex pit of awfulness one can find out there if they look. Speaking of underage sex, Alexander Acosta cut a sweetheart plea deal with a billionaire accused of having sex with dozens of underage girls.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - February 29, 2016 airing February 20, 2017

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For the so-called Presidents Day holiday, it's a throwback to our spare February show, the 2/29/16 episode.

Did Greg Dworkin bring polls? Is this Tuesday Super? South Carolina’s exit polls give an idea of Hillary Clinton’s strengths and strategies for Tuesday, and against Donald Trump. What Hillary Clinton’s massive win among black voters really says. Historically, how does she measure up?

Tough-Guy/Lickspittle Chris Christie goes Trump. Bootlicker Christie gets back in the limelight. Some conservatives do not approve of the Brown-noser Governor’s turn around. Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman is ashamed of Ass-kiss Christie. In fact, many think Christie being Trump’s minion is pretty despicable and think this stooge demonstrates everything bad said about the Gop is being proven true. If the GOP lines up behind Trump, it doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously anymore. The Republican Party’s implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy has arrived. David Frum tweets the cave-in. Some just want to live the lie, and will end up taking the lie all the way to the voting booth. Will that matter in November?

Who knows, maybe some conservatives won’t fall in line behind Trump. Maybe they will come up with a couple super-lame schemes, have those fail, then will fall in line. Maybe they could just win the election, and figure out all of the morals and philosophy later.  

David continues on his series “Meet a Superdelegate”. Today: Jaime Harrison.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 17, 2017
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Kagro in the Morning - February 16, 2017

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You don’t need to invest a fortune to listen in on the latest in political thought… throw us a buck or two a month and David Waldman will talk to you for hours.

Donald Trump hates low life leakers, and the drip, drip, drip is just wearing him down. Good thing America loves him and will come cheer him up this weekend.

Greg Dworkin shares his latest secrets over our secure line: Trump declares war on intelligence. Donald seems a few cartridges short of a full clip, but he might have more ammo than you think. Trump’s new hired gun has big gun dreams. The war on media still rages on even after General Flynn falls, that’s because Michael Flynn does not matter. All of them are either stupid or lying. James Comey seems to have a extra helping of both. Are we on the road to another Watergate? Who the hell told Flynn to call Russia? It's funny 'cause it's treason.

Watch the Anti-Semitic Jewish Russian faction to see how the Administration really is doing. The Russians are sad to see puppets leave so early, yet they have collected a few chips to cash in. We now have refugees fleeing the United States.

How can we fix this? Time to look at the 25th Amendment and study qui tam cases, and always keep it slow.

Obama White House photographer Pete Souza helps us reminisce about… when things weren’t like this. The Trump HandshakeWhat is he thinking? How can we defend ourselves?

More leaks in the sieve: Trump's F-35 calls came with a surprise: a rival CEO was listening in on the call. Leaked emails show Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife was pushing the Travel Ban. Who will be the next one to slip bombshell information to the press? Who knows?

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Kagro in the Morning - February 15, 2017
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Kagro in the Morning - February 14, 2017

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HOLY MOLY!!! How does this guy get a half dozen live video feeds and KITM doesn’t have any? Donate today!

Donald & Shinzo hung out on the terrace talking about Kim the other night surrounded by the wellest of wishers. Spies? NO SPIES! David Waldman has been saying it for a while, but today we all are saying so long to Mike Flynn. The White House and Republicans have put a lot of thought into the Flynn situation.  In fact, so much thought that they really don’t want to think or talk about it anymore, and wish we would all move on… But, it is just so hard to choose who we should move on to. How about Donald Feckless McGahn? Andy Slugger PudzerStephen Brains Miller? It’s like a candy store, or a pizza buffet!

Kellyanne is keeping her job by keeping out of the loop on almost everything. Meanwhile Donald has done almost nothing, except for being inspirational in his personality, performance and his appearance. Want to see the Trump phenomenon played back to you on the big screen? Seek help. There are many more important things to remember, which are more pleasant.


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Kagro in the Morning - February 13, 2017

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David Waldman and KITM stands up for us no matter what the risks might be. Remember to donate to offset the Baios of the the world!

Greg Dworkin wants us to reach out to both elephants and riders, which always carries some vulnerability. We can battle chaos by being indivisible over shared values. You shouldn’t need to compromise your own values to get there, but for maybe 22%, sure, talking could work.

Donald Trump, however, is 100% a loser, which is funny, dangerous, horrifying and a complete emergency. Donald is trying to be a disaster. He left a key to a lock bag out for everyone, he discussed North Korean secrets in front of everyone, and from top down, his team shows they will be of no help. National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is as much of a dumb baby as Trump is. Will people catch on to this quick enough

This is why we need to slow the F down, and get people elected in 2018, so that illegal stuff can be illegal again.

Meanwhile, as hypocrisy flourishes, the exact people that you would not want in charge of anything, profit

Get well soon Arliss Bunny!

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Kagro in the Morning - February 10, 2017

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David Waldman accumulated data all week to pass on to you, so by this weekend you can get out there, call the shots, win the debates, troll the losers, or just converse intelligently! Listen up!

Greg Dworkin sends in this weekend’s BIG IDEA: Either the national security adviser misled the vice president, or the vice president knowingly misled the American people. Somebody was duped.

Hey—Democratic senators are getting tired, but YOU ARE NOT, call them and relight the fire. The slower things go, the less mayhem Republicans can vote in.

When you call, remind them that opposing Trump is a good way to get reelected, he’s not good for the U.S., and the U.S. doesn’t really suit him either. Saudis like Trump though, adding to his emolument stash, and Putin just can’t believe his luck.

Armando calls in to talk shop, now that the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals showed Donald what for. Is Trump arbitrary and capricious, or just an idiot? Why not all of the above? How does Trump implicate the Constitution, by violating Due Process, and the Equal Protection and Establishment Clauses? And will it even matter to the Supreme Court? It seems to matter to this lawyer.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 9, 2017

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Tune in to KITM’s big Thursday show with David Waldman and the Morning Crew—Traffic and weather on the 10s!

Greg Dworkin brings us analysis of those steps between 1 and 10. Some people are on the Finding Common Ground step. Some people are presently fighting in the trenches. Some are still climbing out of the Blitzkrieg rubble. Some are just beginning. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is fetching the Four Horsemen. This is the Last Great Test of White Supremacy.  Republicans don’t care what message this sends.  

Liberals like tasty red pills. They also have a different sense of morality than Conservatives. Let’s try to understand those folks, if only to hone our trolling skills. Shared truth might succeed once we agree who’s telling the truth

Trump's gift for coining catchphrases could backfire. Senator Daylin Leach comes up with a great one! Donald Trump is the dumbest baby on Earth. Neil Gorsuch is 49, eventually he’ll get over that Trump hired him. Neil is about as old as the 25th amendment, which he might need to consider soon.

After Greg gets his goat, Armando calls in to retrieve it. Maybe Manchin has the right idea? No one is a racist, until you ask them to describe who they are picturing taking their jobs, invading their homes, cutting in line.

In 4 years it will cost $6,000,000,000.00 to keep Barron from changing out of elementary school. That would buy a lot of pencils.

Miss him yet?

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Kagro in the Morning - February 8, 2017

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David Waldman always puts the K in Chaos. Today is no exception.

Donald Trump is tired of other countries stiffing him on the rent money. Some of Trump’s team is noticing that, well, the old man might be having a tough time out of the gate with his presidency so far.

Greg Dworkin advocates strange bedfellows, but recommends protection. Apparently “activism” is a “dirty word” … “Lobbyist” has a bit of a taint, too. 

Chaos vs. Reality! This time it’s personal. Can/should scientists march on Washington? Like usual, it matters how much they care if their boss is cool with it.  Get to know a scientist! (or Muslim, LGBTQ, etc., etc.) It helps a lot! If you don’t know a minority, it makes it oh so much easier to oppress them.

People that are capable of being convinced, are being convinced that this administration sucks.

Joan McCarter gets a breather, and takes that opportunity to vent: Mitch McConnell reveals his support for Black History Month and the Warren 2020 ticket, telling Elizabeth Warren (and Coretta Scott King) to sit down and shut up. Trump's HHS nominee: “Dr. Personal Enrichment” might get to be the next flame-out. The Freedom Caucus feels Obamacare slipping from their grasp. Trump’s yap is adding to the wealth of great lines of questioning for the Gorsuch hearings. All in All, Mitch McConnell just couldn’t be happier.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 7, 2017

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David Waldman has a few ideas for Saturday Night Live, but has Trump jumped the shark? Donald pushed the Overton Window beyond all satire, what does he do now to get our attention? He’ll just have to work harder. In the meantime KITM brings you Tangential Tuesday:  

People protested all over the nation, Senate Democrats pulled an all-nighter, but Mike Pence didn’t oversleep, and the uhm, people have spoken, and DeVos is in.

Trump reminds the press that they are traitors, and possibly Islamic Terrorists. Some people can’t help but love terrorists. The press covered up the other times Kellyanne Conway tried to warn us about the Bowling Green Massacre. (Soon the press might cover up Kellyanne.) Trump tries to tell us, but WTF is he saying? Maybe he’s hard to understand because he is a Dumb Baby. Some already regret voting Trump, but many still love him almost as much as they love their completely uninformed opinions. The Border Patrol Union pushed for the Muslim Ban from Breitbart News Studios. Don’t watch that crap. Your TV knows what you are doing, and is judging you.

The White House is falling apart. The Senate is falling apart. That isn’t keeping them from taking over the country. Even Neil Gorsuch grieves the loss of Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court.

Melania might have been a Slovenian hooker, but that shouldn’t keep her product line from a once-in-a-lifetime taxpayer boost.

Man, what a hell-hole. Wouldn’t you just like to get away from it all for a while?

And — Rosalyn MacGregor gives us a close-up look at Michigan voting, which unfortunately resembles yours, no matter where you are from. Michigan will spend up to $82 million on new voting machines. The list of problem precincts continues to grow during Michigan recount. More precincts become ineligible for recount. Think Michigan’s recount seems messy? Turns out recount laws date back to 1870s.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 6, 2017

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You thought the Falcons were going to win, right? So, halfway through the game what did you do? You shamed the Patriots. When you shame Patriots, you are just asking for a come-from-behind upset! Oh well, time to let it go, already. It’s just a game.

While Coca Cola fixes the persistent inclusiveness problemDavid Waldman works on all of the other issues today… Except for Lady Gaga. She snuck in some Guthrie.

Greg Dworkin has a plan for holding back the flood of chaos: Reaching out to Trump voters through our shared American values of honesty and the rule of law. Or we can just ignore them, and vote.

Armando calls in with his nagging perception that most Trump voters feel their priorities supercede People of Color and will vote accordingly.

Trump and Bannon, meanwhile, continue to drive it like they stole it. Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation. Stephen K.G.Bannon is on the National Security Council. But, what’s Donald going to do about it? He has drapes to figure out, light switches to find, stuff to read, a bubble to escape, and flies to lord. He works from 9 to 6:30, people! He doesn’t have time to read everything. Does Trump want to lose? Or is this stupidity a stupid plot

Would you believe Trump’s blind trust directly benefits these four sad sacks? Ivanka and Jared want you to believe they care. Neil Gorsuch wants you to believe his resume. Donald wants to believe he’s in great shape. CNN quit believing Kellyanne Conway. Don and Vlad really, really don’t care what you believe.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 3, 2017

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False flags are at half-mast today in remembrance of those fallen in the Bowling Green Massacre. In Friday’s KITM, David Waldman joins Kellyanne Conway in somber review of this cautionary tale. Donald Trump has no time for tears, as he alerts the nation to the Louvre Terror!

Back in the real world, the Yemen raid looks pretty stupidly handled, but not by Donald, who wasn’t handling it anyhow.

Meanwhile, the direct descendants of Frederick Douglass give Trump actual facts for the next time he wants to say something nice about black people (2018).

Trump refers to refugees in Australia as illegal immigrants. The “Worst Deal Ever” with Australia really is pretty bad, though.

A purge is going on in our Secret Service, matching the one now happening in Russia.

We still have many more allies to mistreat, but we have only just begun to pull Norway’s chain.

Next up in awfulness is Trump’s total destruction of the Johnson Amendment. Here is more on that.

David reminds us that there is good to be had, by slowing down the bad. He reviews the many complex rules being used to slow down people who actually only use rules when they want to, and eliminate them when they don’t.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 2, 2017

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Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today! David Waldman notes how today seems a lot like yesterday and the day before, but it’s the details that matter as we all learn how to make it work. Donald Trump rates world leaders’ phone calls. Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech made certain to list all of “the good ones”. Here are the warning signs of narcissistic personality disorder.

Greg Dworkin reminds us to quit picking on our Trump-voting brothers and sisters. Outside of all branches of government nationally and locally, what did negativity get them? We can be better than that, and they’ll appreciate it... Donald Trump will focus the US counter-extremism program solely on Islam now, as white Christians no longer need their extremism countered.

Greg brings us back to CHAOS, how it’s being used, the effects it has, and will have, and how to counter it. The Republicans plan to fight chaos by replacing Paul Ryan with Nancy Pelosi.

Is Steve Bannon the second most powerful man in the world? Will he push Putin out of the #1slot? And will his mouthy sidekick Donald start to resent him?

The good news if we win in our fight against “The Man”, we might get to be it someday. Greg and David discuss the difference between activism and advocacy, and the need for advocates and activists.

David burns up a good half hour describing the benefits of burning up a good half hour between legislative and executive sessions in committee hearings considering nominations.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 1, 2017

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Did Neil Gorsuch rise out of the floor with fog machines and strobes when Trump introduced him? (Right about here I would include a link to the video, but no force on Earth could make me watch that.)

David Waldman didn’t watch either, but it still seems to have happened so now it’s time to do something about it, or not.

Greg Dworkin keeps it 100 for us, as usual. Don’t be like Venezuela. Don’t be a victim or a culprit. Show no contempt. Don’t try to force Trump out. Because nothing ever will come out such behavior, ever. Steve Bannon still prefers an embarrassed and humiliated opposition.

At least White Supremacist Steve Bannon, whose white skin seems to be rejecting him,  is out in the open now.

How do you appeal to an elected official? Tell him how to keep getting elected. Republicans throw out the rule book, because that is the last thing they need.

Armando still likes rules, and says it’s time for a filibuster, because an illegitimate President is attempting to fill an illegitimate vacancy. Time for outrage, and outrageous obstruction. Senators are going to have to use the filibuster some time, so it might as well be now. You know McConnell needs to keep the filibuster, as much as we do

Maybe we can still call them hypocrites. Trump's voter fraud expert is registered to vote in 3 states. The Pee Dossier said Putin offered Trump 19% of Rosneft if he became President and removed sanctions. Last week 19.5% of Rosneft was sold...

David reminisces about when rules made a difference, and spines were stiffer. Back when Neil Gorsuch’s mom was destroying the EPA.  

We still are certain about a few things. People support the Women’s MarchWalls make us less freeAll action will be necessary.

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