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David Waldman delivers his KITM Hiatus Eve special, but he’ll be back —  on Monday! — with new recorded shows!

This is about the point in a science fiction film when the protagonist damns us all to hell for ruining things forever.

We were this close… but now we have the Delta variant, a cool name for a sequel, but a pretty horrific disease. Republicans, who usually only understand other’s problems when it happens to them, are having it happen to them. Unfortunately all that they seem to understand this time is that there is “a problem”, because it is happening to them. So now we have Republican selfie riots in the Capitol, and it is back to blue states and Democrats to the rescue, again. Red states, on the other hand, hope increasing ignorance and inattention will save the the day. Somehow, the UK has a handle on things, although no one can quite explain how.

Republicans also prefer their delusions over any testimony on the January 6 insurrection. This could be an issue for them when they are called to testify on their delusions. Donald Trump says the cops who spoke to Congress are pussies, so it might be interesting to hear his thoughts, under oath. Merrick Garland won’t defend Mo Brooks, but should do more.  First things first, as the attorney general for the District of Columbia continues investigating the 2017 inauguration committee. The Arizona Senate liaison, Ken Bennett, resigned, and then didn’t.

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For we were podcast-less —  and on this day, David Waldman podcasted unto us, and verily, greet we also Greg Dworkin, bearing his Thursday Raft of Trueth™:

Which sign of the apocalypse is Mike Lindell? Probably one of the last ones. Marjorie Traitor Greene promotes her unending self-stewardship drive. A Muslim-free gun range closed in Oklahoma, caps-locked to the end.

Coronavirus continues to plague the US, particularly in heavily moronic areas. This is concerning to the GQP, as their constituents, indeed most of them, are morons. The Capitol Police are expected to arrest maskless morons soon. Thomas Massie and Chip Roy believe they have more morons than the cops can handle, but many might be just pretending to be morons to keep up their Republican bona fides. Charlie Kirk continues to fight for COVID deaths, even after the timely loss of his TPUSA co-founder. Do morons promote racism, or visa-versa?

COVID Aid programs are spurring a (temporary) record drop in poverty. Red states are eager to see things back to normal.  Meanwhile, something’s going well in the UK, but nobody’s sure why.

Steve Bannon knew what was coming on January 6.  Mo Brooks knew. Jim Banks... just found out? Andrew Clyde is certain that he will never know, and you can't make him. The Fraternal Order of Police is suddenly quiet.

Chuck Schumer and the G10 have arrayed all 50 Senate Democrats, just like that, and the infrastructure bill moves forward, right over the former guy. 

Donald Trump endorsed indicted incumbent Ken Paxton over that one Bush for Texas AG, because, really, who likes an ass-kisser? Donald, of course. But with so many to choose from… Mitch McConnell is getting sick of winning.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin continue the KITM countdown to hiatus. What will happen Monday? Who knows! Why are you asking me? Let’s focus on the moment, today:

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is out with the “twisties”, which is a bit like the “yips”, but while hurtling towards the ground. For those with neither talent nor discipline, either term might be difficult to understand.

Republicans are losing the Trump touch, unable to inject enough chaos into the opening day of the January 6 committee hearings, which even Fox News covered uninterrupted. Marjorie Traitor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Paul Gosar were hoisted with their own petard of citizen journalists “just asking them questions”. Thus, Capitol police officers were allowed to take us to hell and back with them in yesterday’s testimonials. 

Being relieved of GQP clowning enables the Select Committee to truly investigate, and journalists the freedom to correctly report. Andrew Clyde was forced to address his “normal tourist visit” statement. Jim Jordan might eventually have to address his January 6 conversation with Trump. We might even find out what “Blue Lives Matter” really means. Armando reminds us that the faster we get these answers, the better. Things are moving a little too fast for Mo Brooks, who can’t catch a break from his justice department lawsuit for inciting insurrection, which should be covered by more than tort law. The DOJ says former Trump officials can testify about January 6. Retired general Russel Honoré can tell you what he saw

Nothing beats getting vaccinated, but even then it is time to put the masks back on. One of the greatest challenges we now face, is of course, morons. Florida has a surplus of morons, and now a surge in COVID. Texas Republican Chip Roy has a few questions he’d like to scream at Anthony Fauci. Kentucky’s Thomas Massie will sue over his mask fine, or at least sue over his several misconceptions about it. Mitch McConnell is many things, but a moron is not one of them.

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Let’s join David Waldman in making the most of today’s show, shall we?

California will require state employees to get vaccinated, and so will New York. If you are anywhere not vaccinated, you shouldn’t go in a bar or restaurant. (And, you should get vaccinated.) About a million rugged individualistic ovine bikers are herding into Sturgis, South Dakota next week.

Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic team gymnastic finals, opening the way for a Russian gold medal. Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly open a bottle of champagne. 

Kristen Sinema, who has no values, does have a mutual attachment with No Labels, who are the Members Only of political organizations, still around for no apparent reason.  Reverends Jesse Jackson and William Barber, along with 37 others with values, were arrested protesting in Sinema’s office yesterday.

A bipartisan commission is finally looking into what happened at the Capitol on January 6. Republicans know it’s time to pull the cords on the rhetorical dynamite strapped to their chests, while plotting revenge on the disloyal. Last night they lit the fuse on a privileged resolution to demand that Nancy Pelosi seat all of Kevin McCarthy’s selections to the committee, which quickly fizzled and went out. Finally, we can hear descriptions of all that PDA put on the record.

Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett can liaise all he wants, but no one’s letting him attend to the fraudit anymore. The Pennsylvania GQP wants some of that old Trump chaos over in their state. The people worried that Anthony Fauci might have been Red Chinese the last 40 years, bought themselves a brand new Chinese Freedom Phone.

The Dixie fire, Bootleg fire, Crater Ridge fire, and many, many others pump smoke and ash across the country as climate change plays out before our eyesJoan McCarter has more than one reason to mask up. Meanwhile, it’s still infrastructure week. Republicans understand that if anything goes well for anyone ever, and it’s not Donald Trump, then it’s a Democratic win, and that just can’t happen. Now would be a very good time for Schumer and Pelosi to cancel August recess.

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It’s almost August, and as QAnon and Mr. Pillow tell us, Donald Trump is returning to the presidencyDavid Waldman will be out of the country for the next couple of weeks.

Don’t worry, David won’t be gone forever. Unfortunately, neither will Trump. Trump is lonely, old and wants attention, like his followers. Trump is perpetually entitled and victimized, like his followers. Trump is a sociopathic, parasitic grifter. His followers could only wish. Some do have some successful grifts occasionally, but most just can’t catch a break.

Nancy Pelosi will add Republican Adam Kinzinger to the January 6 investigation, which was already bipartisan with Liz Cheney, but now is twice as much. Kevin McCarthy continues his snit, and will also continue to lose.

Greg Dworkin isn’t here to shame or disrespect anyone for not being vaccinated yet, but even his patience can wear thin. Vaccinations are inching up, but the Delta variant has changed the rules.  Asymptomatic carriers are multiplying, breakthrough cases are increasing, super-spreader events are scheduled, and winter is coming.

Remember when Politico vindicated Ron DeSantis? They’ll probably regret that.

Add right-wing radio host Phil Valentine to the rapidly growing list of vaccine regretters, who woulda shoulda coulda got vaccinated. “Unvaccinateddoesn’t necessarily mean that they “refused” to get a vaccination, just as those folks that must require the vaccine to have FDA approval aren’t necessarily the same folks who believe this is all a federal plot to force them… but they probably are. Either way, they need to take the vaccine.

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Wednesday felt like Saturday. Thursday felt like Friday. David Waldman assures us, Today is what you make it. (It’s Friday.)

Ted Cruz gave us his guarantee a year ago. Today, he is guaranteed to be 100% Ted Cruz. Joe Biden promised Republicans were going to shape up when Donald Trump left. The problem is, Donald Trump never left and never will.

Constitutional sheriffs and sovereign citizens deserve each other and should move to Gimmetaria together. A Michigan sheriff following the wisdom of Mr. Pillow, Mike Lindell, has taxpayers paying for an investigation into a Trump county whose entire population is less than half of Biden’s state margin. A reporter tried to plumb the depths of Trump supporters’ gullibility and stupidity, and discovered there is no bottom. It is hilarious, even as we die laughing.

Michael Cohen believes Jared Kushner will be hiding a bit deeper in Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket once word gets out that he flipped on Trump.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discovered that the FBI’s “supplemental investigation” on Brett Kavanaugh was as interested in collecting tips on Brett as the National Enquirer was interested in collecting tips on Donald Trump. In fact, both sets of data and all the cheeseberders seemed to go through Donald in this time period. Oh well, what can be done now? Joan McCarter has a few ideas.

Armando knows that once we agree on the Constitution, the rest is easy. A Democratic bill would only allow elected House members to serve as speaker. House Republicans want Kevin McCarthy to throw out Nancy Pelosi. How long can this go on?

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Don’t believe everything you hear! Believe David Waldman, who will set you straight on the best fried chicken served by 18th century reenactors in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ohio’s Barberton Chicken, on the other hand, is an acquired taste. (Although a pretty good taste to acquire.)

Nancy Pelosi booted Jim Banks (Some Republican) and Jim Jordan (Everybody knows him) from the January 6 select committee because “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision”. In other words, it is because they were complicit with an attempted overthrow of the US, and are continuing to assist in the coverup. “Unprecedented” must be a GQP problem-word, probably as they’re still sore from being unpresidented last November. Following Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy immediately unleashed the snit he clearly prepared in advance and now won’t invite any Democrats to his club. Chris Cillizza completely missed the point and blamed Nancy Pelosi for dooming democracy again, just like she did on the bipartisan 1/6 commission.

More than 30 former top Senate Democratic aides called for changes to the filibuster rules, so that should do it.  The Supreme Court doesn’t even pretend that they aren’t in charge anymore.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  That’s the yearly Waldman family tradition David goes out of his way to honor, therefore, just as he went out of his way last year, he’s out of his way this year, also.

Here, let me sum up what I said previously:

David Waldman is out, but not out of stories to share! David couldn’t bear to leave us empty-eared, so he burned the afternoon oil at KITM World Headquarters to produce a special pre-recorded show for today!

Do you reside in a city with a federal building or property, maybe a post office? Do you disagree with Donald Trump’s handling of… anything? Are you insufficiently loyal? Then, you might be excited to hear that Ken Cuccinelli has a van with your name on it. Actually, the van has no name on it, and the guys climbing out will be masked with no identification, all adding to the excitement for everyone. Even if you are the shy, retiring type, Q-shirt volunteers will have their ears to the ground in every neighborhood, trained to root out baby cannibals like you and me. The whole operation isn’t quite up to Russian standards as yet, but that ambition is certainly present here, today.

Democratic leaders are asking the FBI for an urgent briefing on members of Congress being targeted by a foreign operation, employing known tool Ron Johnson.

Before you are disappeared, you might want to first consider whether or not you want to send your child into one of the largest unregulated experiments ever conducted. If you are rich... well, there’s a lot of things you don’t have to consider, because if public schools aren’t private enough for you, and neither are private schools, there’ll always be your money to fix things. If you are medium-rich, you still have online learning, sort of. If your child is not white, that might lead to jail, however.

Ritchie Torres is not white. In fact, he is expected to be the first openly gay Afro-Latino man in Congress. Congress is literally not ready for someone both Black and Latinx, as Torres can’t join both the Black and Hispanic caucuses.

You knew that Ailes and O'Reilly weren’t the end of it over at Fox News. Maybe, soon, the rape and sexual violence there will taper off, now that there’s a lawsuit on Ed Henry for rape and the current top talent on harassment. With those guys gone, it will cut in half the security demands for the Republican convention.

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We would’ve won this morning’s space race had David Waldman let us clear the bird’s nest blocking the KITM World Headquarters Secret Virginia Volcano Launch Base Hideout lid. But as a result, David won’t be joining space pioneers Richard Branson’s North American Aviation X-15-level flight last week, or Jeff Bezos’ Mercury-Redstone 3-esque blastoff today. Branson’s looked kind of cool, but not a tenth as badass as an X-15. Bezos’ however, looked shockingly like... Jeff Bezos. Of course, what really mattered was who’s was the biggest.

A lot of people keep dying from COVID-19. For some of those people, it was a pretty big surprise. Marjorie Traitor Greene was suspended from Twitter for a few hours for lying about Covid. Sean Hannity took a short break from lying about Covid, then regained his composure. Donald Trump found a way to lie about vaccinations, the election, Joe Biden, and the people who point out that he lies, all in one lie.

Dolly Parton tried, everyone.  She tried.

Meanwhile, mask mandates might need to happen again, even outside.

Speaking of deadly lies, Kevin McCarthy picked his star player, Gym Jordan, to foul the way for the Republicans on the January 6 commission.  Good news, there is at least one Republican who called the riot criminal. On the other hand, there are 3 who pretended that the election was the crime.

For those keeping track, the Trump campaign has admitted a lie. Can we now just move on? The DOJ is moving on from Wilbur Ross’ lies to Congress on behalf of Trump. Actually, it was Bill Barr who moved on, before Merrick Garland even moved in.

Joan McCarter reports that Republicans want to defund the police, in this particular case, the Internal Revenue Service, potentially delaying the vote on whether or not they're ready to have a bill on which they hope to vote on eventually. Instead, Chuck Schumer will proceed today with the procedural vote to proceed on the proceedings.

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It’s Monday, and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back for a new KITM, but probably not this Wednesday, as now there is chicken involved. (You need to tune in, I can’t sum up everything, you know.)

Ohio sent troopers and the National Guard to the Texas border. Nobody will say where they are or what they’re doing, or if they actually went, and who’s spending or making money off this.

COVID cases are shooting up, again. Less of the infected are sick and dying, but so many more are sick and dying because so many more are becoming infected. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? Conservatives point out that if so many liberals weren’t so la-dee-dah, showing off their vaccines and all, it wouldn’t have spoilt it for everyone. They could’ve marketed magnet and microchip-free versions if they wanted, also...

Of course, there are a lot of non-imbecile unvaccinated out there. Those folks might require Olivia Rodrigo-levels of persuasion. All it took for Toyota is the loss of tens of millions of dollars of revenue. Fox News’ heart has become heavy as their wallet has become light. Nonetheless, from selling fake vaccine cards, to selling site hits, there still is plenty of money in watching people die. Cutting out the fraud takes the miracle out of miracle cures.

Speaking of frauds, most Arizona Republicans don’t need “results” to tell them what they already believe. Now the Pennsylvania GQP wants a taste of that sweet, sweet grift. What could possibly be wrong with that? Ask Florida man Paul Hodgkins, the first insurrectionist to not get remotely the felony punishment he deserves.

Polling shows 58% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden's job in office. Polling has been much less kind to “polling”, but you realize, the polls could have that completely wrong. Polls can’t hurt Terry McAuliffe. All that money can’t hurt Terry either.

Lindsey Graham said that Republicans should leave DC to prevent Senate Democrats from passing an infrastructure bill via reconciliation, which would work because then Democrats wouldn’t need reconciliation to pass the bill.

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David Waldman, man, myth, legend, Friday, KITM, etc.:

We knew how awful and dangerous Donald Trump was before the latest books came out. We just didn’t know how noble and brave Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence were. There is a reason for that. At least Mike Pence was smart enough to turn down a 1/6 ride with the Secret Service as they wavered between being pro-USA or pro-Trump. 

A scammer raised $3.4 million with PACs that pretended to support Trump, deserving that money about as much as Trump would.

William Regnery II, of the Regnerys who financed White nationalism from the 40’s through the present has died, 80 years late. The Regnery name and philosophy live on through Regnery Publishing. The political lives of Republicans depend on publishers like Regnery, sometimes living much longer than they deserve to.

The COVID pandemic is back, because wishes don’t make it go away. Booster shots are deemed beneficial for the immunocompromised

Democrats are pushing a budget to support Joe Biden’s agenda. So far, the Dems are quite well arrayed. Republicans might be forced to vote for some of the things they plan to take credit for.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin told you so. If you listen to KITM or read this, you have been telling everyone so. Donald Trump is an impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex, duh. Apparently, Putin could’ve told us so, likewise. Vlad could just be funning with us, but that wouldn’t make it less true, just the truth released at the wrong time.

Word is out that General Mark Milley realized Trump was setting up his own Reichstag moment to keep himself in power. So, now they tell us? If it was a Reichstag, how long do you wait to prevent Machtergreifung? Donald says Mike isn’t his type.

Donald of course placed his bunker moment at the totally wrong time, of course did the totally wrong thing, and wanted to kill anyone who told on him. Instead, so far the ones suffering a downfall are the Republicans caught believing the good guys would win. Trump supporters are still out there winning, and pwning the libs every day.

Anti-vaxxers keep winning by losing, because causing death is pro-life.

Hundreds of thousands of white flags will be placed on the National Mall to honor the lives lost to the coronavirus in the U.S. Where does somebody get that many little mourning flags? Turns out, there is a place.

The fraudit team in the Maricopa ballot count didn’t match the official total. Even if it were 10 ballots, you know their count wouldn’t match. In Georgia, 200 ballots were double scanned, then discovered, and then fixed with zero effect in the official results, so... Soros?

Back in the real world, 90% of American families with children get their first child tax credit check. Thanks Dems! Democrats roll out their $3.5 trillion budget, but should they have asked for $3.95? Whichever sounds best, just get the signature and work out the details later. Now, however is a good time to get labor reforms in there.

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David Waldman opens today’s KITM thanking all you out there. Not just you patreons, but those that deliver talent, time, and ears to us each day! Also, Donald Trump. Where would we be without him? Oh, we’d probably think of something to talk about.

Without Trump, Greg Dworkin might have had less to say on COVID-19, but probably not. Red states and blue states might still be diverging on their handling of the pandemic and acceptance of masking and vaccines. People would be lied to, and people would regret believing the lies.

Some people want to believe lies. The GQP would have catered to them without Trump, but with Trump there is greater focus. Truth has always weighed down culture warriors, and fascists, and is of course, the first casualty of this war.

For authors, Donald Trump is gold, and the rush is on. Without Trump, we’d all have to talk about Ken Starr, who is as sleazy as Trump, but as sanctimonious as Mike Pence, and maybe ickier than both.

There is some non-Donald news, sort of. Stephen M. Calk arranged for $16 million in loans to Paul Manafort in order to get a job as secretary of the Army. The guys who planned to kidnap and kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer would hate to have their cop-killing locker room talk played to a jury. A judge spanked team Kraken, but they still might get away with it.

Remember when the big lie was climate change denial? California anticipates nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die from the heat. The EU proposes an internal combustion engine ban from 2035.

Senate Democrats landed on a $3.5 Trillion reconciliation infrastructure proposalCollins, Murkowski, Manchin and Sinema will say things, but that’s different than doing things.

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It’s Tuesday, and David Waldman remembered to invite Joan McCarter, and she remembered what they were going to talk about. Yay!

Did you know that Donald Trump was a deluded low-intelligence big-mouthed sociopath during his administration? There is new evidence supporting this in two new books out, I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year and Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency. David reads and comments on an excerpt from I Alone Can Fix It. That’s the one with Trump flirting with martial law to keep the presidency. The other one has Eric Trump picking a fight with math and Rudy Giuliani with the plan that Trump just claim he won... or was that in the first book? Which one reveals Trump wanting to execute whoever snitched about his hiding in his little bunker? Oh, that was a third book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost!

This is only the start on these books. There’s plenty more material out there. We are just getting to the “Stop the Steal” era! Although, we might not have the Kracken to kick around anymore, once the Eastern District of Michigan is through with their sanction hearing.

The Trump Organization isn’t sure of what you mean by “chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg”, there’s no one there by that name.

Catching COVID is now the hot thing in red states. Only RINOs don’t get on respirators, or allow people the freedom to get on respirators, in those states. 

U.S. investigators have arrived in Haiti to aid in the Moïse assassination case, as there is a noticeable Venn diagram overlap between Haiti suspects and DEA informants.

Greg Abbott’s posse turned away at the Texas border having failed at rounding up the Democrats who plan to stay away for a few weeks to block Abbott’s voter suppression bill.

Senate Democrats and White House officials are meeting today to talk spending and revenue targets, budget resolution and reconciliation instructionsChuck Schumer might shorten the Senate’s August break to address the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which means Republicans need to step up their delaying process. Joe Biden continues nominating a diverse slate of federal judges at a rapid pace, but that can’t fix the Supreme Court who are slated to be much worse next session. SCOTUS isn’t as bad as Donald Trump wanted them to be, and after all he did for them, too!

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It’s Monday, so you knew you’d find David Waldman and Greg Dworkin right here, like they should be.

CPAC is so untethered from reality that they detached from time, convening for their second annual convention in 5 months. 

We still have a fascist problem. The Big Lie was the big winner at CPAC. Those that like to hate, love Trump. QAnon loves Trump, but believe the actual problem is their name. Evangelicals love Trump, but believe the actual problem is their name. Both groups believe no one will need to raid the Capitol if the coup happens before the election. The GQP is so far from center, both-siders can only find Democrats to pick on.

Democrats might be realizing that holding the center once Republicans take a turn might be foolish and unfair, especially when it comes to redistricting. Rachel & Travis of the Irreverent Testimony podcast pointed out years ago that nonpartisan gerrymandering would not be the way to go.

CPAC did not have an in memoriam for Edwin Edwards, although he certainly was there in spirit.

We still have a COVID problem. Delta variant cases have been increasing, and now so are hospitalizations. Due to inaction, Delta is surging in unvaccinated pockets throughout the US. Unvaccinated hospitalized patients say they regret not getting the shot (Unless they are on respirators, but one can assume…) Of course, much of this inaction isn’t accidental. Fox News reached out to suffocate millions of their viewers. Kristi Noem brags that she did the least for her state at CPAC, whose members demand even less for everyone.

Today, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood are in court for a hearing on whether they should be sanctioned. Lin Wood testifies that he was only a coffee boy and stated, “Kracken? I hardly even knew them”. 

Officials from several U.S. agencies have arrived in Haiti to assist on settling things after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Some of those held in connection to the assassination are connected to a Miami-area security firm.

Police discovered 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and about 20 long guns in a hotel a short walk away from Coors Field, just ahead of the MLB All-Star Game. Drug dealers should remember to not allow their deals to look like a terroristic event in these sensitive times.

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David Waldman delivers the stories and information you need to finally win those debates over the dinner table. (The same amount of mashed potatoes will still be thrown at you.)

You just hate to see White people feeling bad about themselves, especially when you are a White person. Tennessee Republicans don’t want their kids to be traumatized by Ruby Bridges’ story and other “critical race theories,” as they have had to painfully endure their entire lives, and are taking steps to stop it.

The US Women’s Soccer Team was pointed to as disgracefully turning towards the National Anthem… or was it disgracefully turning towards the flag? Either way, if they weren’t the US Women’s Soccer Team, they wouldn’t be pointed at.

Donald Trump wanted to use the COVID-19 pandemic to call off the 2020 election. Donald Trump said that William Barr would lick the floor if he told him to. Donald Trump was surprised and angered when he lost the election. Donald Trump is going to sue everyone until receives justice.

The Secret Service paid Trump National Golf Club over $10,000 in May. That’s okay, because now Trump National Golf Club has free admission for everyone!

Seattle’s largest police union doesn’t want it to get out that 6 of their officers might have been insurrectionists. Meanwhile, the FBI discovered a militia that planned their attacks at “bible studies”.

Philadelphia anti-fascists kicked pro-fascist butt. Saudi Arabia will start a digital news service and lobbying effort aimed at capturing American hearts and minds — without bone-sawing!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate National KITM Day today, or is it Eastern Orthodox KITM Day? I get the days mixed up.

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse is still dead. Haitians are only certain about that one thing. Darwin Darko, Senior Haitian Correspondent, tells us Jovenel might have acted too Donald for some. The assassination squad identified as Americans, because that’s just what they would do... 

Tucker Carlson caught the National Security Agency’s attention after only a few private calls to Vladimir Putin. 

There is still a COVID pandemic. Since Donald Trump said he’d deliver the miracle cure, almost as many Americans have died of COVID as were lost in all four years of World War II, both from combat and all other causes. In some areas it is as bad as it ever has been, with Delta variant cases overwhelming hospitals. Those are the areas where many are rejecting vaccines. That is Trump country, where vaccination rates are tied to Fox News and OANN viewership. Will a different messenger convince those people who watched friends and family die from coronavirus, and yet still refused to be vaccinated? They’d rather argue whether the virus came from a Wuhan lab or not. Proving them wrong on that probably won’t get them vaccinated either. Once the virus is finished in their holler, it might not emerge as the same virus, but something worse. 

A school board meeting turned into an anti-mask riot, but why would you expect school board meeting attendees to be concerned about education? You don’t expect town hall attendees to be interested in governance anymore. Governance is the last thing Trump voters are looking for. It is loyalty to the cause that is important. Loyalty is so important to Republicans that they won’t hesitate to knife each other in the back under suspicion of disloyalty.

A few shamed evangelicals prefer to be called Protestant now.

Rudy Giuliani's D.C. law license was suspended, which kind of makes sense, as he is an idiot. Donald Trump’s present legal representatives are pretty stupid also, and you know, Donald isn’t that much of a genius himself.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate National Tell the Truth Day by delivering just a regular KITM:

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, forcing many Americans to learn more about Haiti and what has been going on there. Many others won’t bother when they can always pull something out of their butt.

People just like lies. Mike Pompeo will tell you, lies are much safer than the truth. Matt Walsh knows that the truth is in fact more dangerous than any gun. We all know that’s a lie… but on the other hand, who knows what risk truth carries?

It is the dianniversary of the insurrection to ratify the Big Lie as truth, and the New Lost Cause is such a comfort to Republican candidates and voters that democracy has become an existential threat. Donald Trump is just the Hitler conservatives need to hold onto what they have. Reporters who were at the Capitol still suffer from PTSD.

Every Gop state party chairman will remain neutral unless they have a big lie to protect.

Truth is sometimes so uncomfortable, people would rather die than confront it. Unfortunately, the truth is, not everyone deserves to catch Covid. Old people understand the truth about the fragility of life and stay safe. Waves come and go, but the more people who are safe, the more people stay safe.

Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer prize for her work on the 1619 project. She was about to join the University of North Carolina as a tenured chair, but UNC megadonor Walter Hussman threatened to take away his megadonations if Hannah-Jones got tenure, so the University pulled the rug out from under her. So, Nikole took her talents, and $20 million or so, and brought them over to Howard University. This is justice for Hannah-Jones, but probably did little for any other Black professors out there. Still, lessons were learned at the Tulane School of Medicine, who are on probation by their accreditor over allegations of racism and lack of diversity.

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David Waldman makes it back to us with a live show today.

So, did you blow a hole in yourself or someone this weekend? If so, you are not alone. The second amendment is pretty outdated.

6 months ago Mo Brooks gave a warm-up speech to insurrectionists in front of the White House. Today, Brooks says he was “just following orders”, although those were orders he enthusiastically agreed with. Trump was attempting a military coup, but fortunately Trump is bad at doing things. Still, the Big Lie is now an element of 4th of July parades. Texas is forgetting the Alamo. Kyle Rittenhouse statues can’t be far behind, as long as bigoted fear can be stroked by Disney’s choice of pronouns.

Former cop/January 6 thug Thomas Robertson was released from custody on the condition that he not possess firearms, so he bought 34 more and started assembling pipe bombs.

Good news! If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine you probably don’t need a Pfizer booster against the Delta variant. However, if you got the Pfizer vaccine

A police officer tried playing Taylor Swift so that YouTube would block any videos he was recorded in. It didn’t work, so maybe he could try altering his uniform.

Joan McCarter is here with the weather update: IT’S STILL HOT! The Northwest is becoming unbearable, literally, as people start to die and the West becomes a desert. Climate change is an existential threat, but remains somehow debatable as part of infrastructure. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil is throwing something slightly under the billion dollars they expect in taxes at lobbying efforts to help make bills and people wither away. Fox’s new weather channel only measures the fair and balanced temperature in their studio.

Pelosi and Schumer, come back! Your country needs you and all the decent people back to Congress asap. You don’t even need to physically come back, as proxy voting and hybrid hearings are working pretty well. Even Republicans understand the value of proxy voting, although they won’t admit it.

Gettr’s getting what it deserves.

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Happy 5th of July!  Today is the day we observe Independence Day, and can you guess what David Waldman is doing today? Observing the holiday! The former guy is off crying somewhere so there is nothing between us and our hammocks, barbecues, and humming of patriotic marches. Instead of a live show, why not listen to a KITM from the dark years, Monday July 6, 2020:

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us complex answers to complex questions. That is, after all why we tune in to them for a couple of hours. (Actually, 1:58:45.)

Donald Trump is pretty simpleHe’s a racist, he’s going to appeal to racists. You would think that there would not be enough racists to make that work. You would hope soFear and resentment has been a solid strategy for Trump, but probably not this time... Probably not. That is partly because  coronavirus is skyrocketing right where Trump’s supporters live, which is no coincidence. The pandemic is hitting Donald right in his big beautiful electoral map. COVID-19 has chased the Republicans from Charlotte to Jacksonville to rout them out again.

We don’t have all of the dumb people in the world, it just seems that way. Understanding why COVID cases increase as deaths are decrease is as simple as understanding Simpson’s Paradoxregression to the mean, and conversely, regression to the tail. It also helps to understand the difference between equality and equity in contact tracing protocols. Listen, just follow the expert advicewhenever you can find some.

239 experts in 32 countries believe that the coronavirus is airborne, which might affect a lot of future expert advice.

Things sometimes become more complex, the closer you look at them. Are Military bands worth our tax dollars? After much deliberation, David determines that... yeahprobably!

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Haul out your milk bags, grab your anisette, and start shucking those clams! David Waldman is here and he’s in the holiday mood!

GETTR is like Tinder for incels, but less useful. It is of course, backed by FCB (fugitive Chinese billionaire) Guo Wengui, aka “Miles Kwok” (No middle initial “O”, sadly.) and led by Jason Miller, AASM (Alleged Abortion Smoothie Mixologist).

The Supreme Court were getting along so well, but politics and money intruded and now the honeymoon is over. Well, they still like money in politics, so they are backing donor privacy to keep the dark money flowing.

Democrats can’t look to the Supreme Court to fix democracy. They must use the budget-reconciliation process to make voting easier.

The House passed a $760 billion proposal to fund transportation, in hopes to shift debate toward more sustainable infrastructure projects. For Republicans, it shifted their rhetoric to predicting economic disaster, just like it always has.

Critical Race Theory attacks by the Right are old hat, too.

If Kevin McCarthy wanted to, he could force Liz Cheney off the Jan 6 select committee. It would be a lot of work, easily remedied, and who cares about Kevin McCarthy?

Donald Trump's company and its chief financial officer were indicted on Thursday on multiple felony counts. For Donald and his co-conspiratorial offspring, the news sure could be worse. Good for them, the Trump Organization kept a second set of books to track their graft outlay.

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Tragic news. Donald Rumsfeld died on my day off, and everybody used up all the good jokes already. Rumsfeld won’t be somewhat north of anything, anymore, and now can be fondly remembered as someone who will be in no one’s presence ever again.

America’s Rapey Dad, Bill Cosby, is not the architect of the deaths of half a million people, and also unfortunately is still with us, even more so now that an attorney screwed up.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin interrupted their Canada Day celebrations to bring us that news today, and also because Canada Day isn’t one of those holidays that one celebrates anymore.

You know who’s likewise still alive? Yes, Donald Trump was delighted that charges have been brought against his business and CFO. All of those people are not him, after all. Donald is miffed that his 4th of July Trump celebration was cancelled, however.

Nancy Pelosi and the House have voted to create select committee on the January 6 Capitol insurrection. It was a bipartisan vote, and those two Republicans that voted for it will probably get an invite. That leaves a few more Republicans to assign, and Kevin McCarthy vows to give them the stink-eye if they accept. Adam Kinzinger tells Kevin to bring it on. The next move is McCarthy’s, and then the checkmate will be Pelosi’s.

Kyrsten Sinema once called Joe Lieberman “Pathetic”, but has since been seduced by Joe’s innate charm. Al Gore demands that Donald Trump not behave so crazy

New Pew data show that Joe Biden made large gains with people Donald Trump regularly offended.

The Supreme Court did just what everyone expected they would do to voting rights, upholding restrictions and protecting big donors.  Justice Elena Kagan had about 41 pages of problems with that.

New York City’s Board of Elections ruined the reputation of ranked choice voting, and general voting integrity, when it was really their reputation that deserved it. A Michigan Republican spent eight months searching for evidence of election fraud and returned with common sense. 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will send 50 National Guard troops to join the 3600 already there. To save South Dakotans money, the South Dakotans in Texas will be paid by a Tennessean, who in turn will be paid by anybody he wants.

The Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad attempted to destroy a seized cache of 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, eventually succeeding

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